SEG Online Advertising

A variety of ad opportunities are available to fit your marketing goals and objectives

SEG provides advertisers with an opportunity to reach the geophysical industry through the world's communications crossroads.

The SEG website continues to grow in popularity with SEG members, the wider geoscientific academic and corporate audience, media/press organizations, and those with similar interests. The SEG website had over 1.1 million visitors in 2012!

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Ad Unit Rate in USD per month

Run-of-Site Online Ad Opportunities

SEG Home Page & All Run-Of-Site Pages*
Skyscraper – 120 x 360 pixels

SEG Run-Of-Site Pages**
Rectangle – 120 x 150 pixels

*  Except the SEG Foundation Pages
** Except the SEG Home Page and SEG Foundation Pages


Targeted SEG Website Ad Opportunities – Rectangle, 120 x 150 pixels

The Leading Edge Online (Table of Contents Page) $930
Geophysics Online (Table of Contents Page) $930
Interpretation Online (Table of Contents Page) $930
SEG Digital Library $465
Annual Meeting Page $465
Job Opportunities Page $465
SEG Events Page $465
Membership Search Page $465
SEG Publications Page $465
SEG Committees Page $465
Online Resumes Page $465

Other SEG Online Ad Opportunities

SEG Extra monthly eNewsletter
Skyscraper – 120 x 360 pixels
Classified Job Listing with Hyperlink Back to Requesting Company $150
Classified Job Listing without Hyperlink Back to Requesting Company $75

The Leading Edge Digital Edition Ad Opportunities

Online Advertising with SEG

Plus Blow-Ins, Bellybands, Multimedia, and more. Ask for more information!

15% discount off online advertising when combined with print advertising – ask for more information!

Online Ad Specifications

Website Specs:

  • Skyscraper and Rectangle ads reside on the right rail
  • Static or animated GIF files are accepted (however, the animated format is not recommended for eNewsletter advertising); all other types including SWF are not currently supported
  • Click-thru URLS must be supplied separately, not embedded in file; third party tracking links are not currently
  • Maximum Skyscraper ad size should not exceed 120 x 360 pixels; maximum Rectangle ad size should not exceed  
    120 x 150 pixels
  • The flattened file size should not exceed 100 KB
  • Animated GIFs should have a minimum frame delay of 10/100 of a second, no exceptions; maximum animation run time of 10 seconds (total frame delay 1,000/100 of a second - absolute minimum delay must be sent to 10/100 of a second); 100 frames maximum; and the animation must be looped continuously

Digital Edition Specs:

  • JPEG, GIF, Animated GIF, or SWF files are accepted
  • Click-thru URL links or JavaScript ad tags accepted
  • Maximum Leaderboard ad size should not exceed 728 x 90 pixels; maximum Drawer ad size should not exceed 180 x 150 pixels

Online Advertising Policy

  • SEG reserves the right to refuse intrusive ads
  • Ads meeting the specifications will be considered immediately; ads that must be returned to the advertiser for adjustments will be reconsidered upon resubmission of a qualified ad
  • Qualified ads will be uploaded to the website within 3 business days; Digital Edition ads will be uploaded prior to the publication of the issue
  • Participating advertisers will be provided the first right of refusal
  • Website advertisers wishing to change their image and/or link (up to 4 per month) must submit all images, URLs or activation/expiration dates for each change for the entire month; images, URLS and activation/expiration dates will be loaded at one time and programmatically inserted into the ad queue upon activation/expiration dates
  • Digital Edition ads can be changed on a monthly basis

For more information, contact:

SEG Advertising Department
8801 S. Yale Ave., Ste. 500
Tulsa, OK 74137
Phone: +1-918-497-5524
Fax: +1-918-497-5557