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Employee Benefits

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SEG recognizes that our employees are our greatest resource, and we strive to offer a comprehensive and competitive rewards package to attract and retain our talented staff. This program is for U.S. full-time employees.

Insurance and Retirement Plans

Medical/Prescription Benefits

SEG provides a comprehensive plan for employees and eligible dependents (to age 26) which is effective on date of hire. Employees may choose between the Blue Cross & Blue Shield  BlueChoice or BlueOption PPOs (BlueOption PPO includes a Rx card). Premiums paid by SEG are based on the BlueOption plan; minimal cost-share for employee only ($20/month) and 50% for eligible dependent(s). BCBS offers a broad network of providers with the option to see any provider of choice.

Dental Benefits

SEG offers its employees a comprehensive dental plan effective at date of hire using the DentalGuard Preferred  program through Guardian. This is available for employee and eligible dependents (to age 26) with or without purchasing medical.  SEG pays 100% of the dental premiums for employees and 50% for eligible dependents. This includes preventative, basic, or major dental services and employees may choose to see a dentist within or outside the network, with the highest cost savings found in-network.

Vision Benefits

Eligible on date of hire, the plan is designed to provide regular eye exams and other vision-care expenses through Guardian utilizing the Vision Service Plan (VSP) network. SEG pays 100% of vision coverage for employees and 50% for eligible dependents.

TaxSaver Plan   

SEG's 125 Flexible Spending Account allows medical, dental and vision premiums to be deducted pre-tax and includes the ability to pay out-of-pocket health, dental and vision expenses (expenses must be eligible for IRS Section 125 and SEG plan guidelines) that are not covered by medical, dental, or vision insurance. Also included is the ability to pay Section 125 eligible daycare expenses that are incurred while working with pre-tax dollars. Election amounts for FSA is a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $2,500 with deductions withheld in equal installments throughout the year. This plan allows for a $500 rollover to the following plan year.  Reimbursements received are non-taxable and  SEG pays 100% of administrative costs.

Life Insurance

SEG provides 2 x base annual earnings in basic life insurance plus accidental death/dismemberment (AD&D). This is employer paid and is effective on date of hire through Guardian. The minimum benefit for all full-time employees is $70,000 with a maximum benefit of $200,000.

Long Term Disability

Employer paid, effective on date of hire, LTD provides a monthly income benefit of 60% of base monthly earnings (not to exceed $4,000) payable to age 65 if employee continues to meet the disability definition according to plan. The elimination period (period of disability before benefits start) is 3 months.

Retirement Plan - 401k

Eligible to participate on date of hire, SEG offers full-time employees pre-tax and Roth retirement savings through Vanguard. After 12 months of employment, working 1,000 paid hours, and reaching at least 21 years of age, SEG will contribute 6% and match 100% of the first 3% that the employee contributes. SEG contributions/matching begin the first day of the month following meeting eligibility requirements.

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Paid Leave

Paid Time Off

SEG offers employees PTO accrual starting with the first full paycheck. Accrual rates are based on tenure beginning with 120 hours per year for years 1-5 that can be used for vacation and personal/illness use. Beginning with the 5th anniversary, accrual increases to 160 hours and beginning with the 10th anniversary, increases to 200 hours. Employees may carry over unused PTO.

Extended Illness Leave Bank

Available after 12 months employment and FMLA eligible, employees will receive 40 hours deposited into their EILB annually (pro-rated first year) to be used prior to PTO for approved FMLA leave.

SEG Recognized Holidays

SEG recognizes 8 paid holidays where the business office is officially closed. In addition, employees will be given 16 floating holiday hours added to PTO accrual (to total 80 hours for Holiday Pay).

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Work Life/Benefits

Flexible Work Hours

SEG offers several options to give employees an opportunity to better balance their work commitments with their personal time. Work can begin as early as 6:30 am with the option for a 30, 60 or 90 minute lunch period. SEG has also adopted the 9/80 alternative work schedule for its employees. The 9/80 and 4/10 schedules is achieved by meeting all of the work requirements in the usual number of work hours; however, the actual workweek is compressed, resulting in a three-day weekend every other week. The 9/80 schedule offers employees the option to take every other Friday off, but requires a 9-hour workday, Monday through Thursday; the Friday worked is an 8-hour day. Employees electing the 4/10 alternative work schedule will be expected to work a 40-hour work week in the form of (4) 10-hour work days, Monday through Thursday. The 9/80 and 4/10 schedules are voluntary programs; employees are not required to participate. Employees may select to participate in the plan only with supervisor approval.


SEG considers telecommuting to be a viable alternative work arrangement in cases in which individual, job and supervisor characteristics are best suited to such an arrangement. Telecommuting allows an employee to work from home or from another remote location on a regular basis for part of his/her workweek or on an intermittent basis. Telecommuting is a voluntary work alternative that may be appropriate for some employees and some jobs and is available after 6 months of employment.


The Geophysical Resource Center is designated as a smoke-free environment for all tenants and employees and smoking in the building is strictly prohibited.  The purpose of this policy is safe, healthy, and comfortable working atmosphere for everyone. 

Dress Code

All employees are responsible for dressing and grooming in a manner that presents a professional image appropriate for their work situation.  Although business casual is acceptable, a professional image is still necessary in the event that a member or customer visits SEG.  Friday is deemed casual day and jeans may be worn; however, keep in mind the professional nature of the Business Office.

Staff Only Intranet Access

All employees have access to the Society's intranet which provides 24/7 online information on employee benefits and policies and procedures.

Parties and Employee Recognition Committee (PERC)

The purpose of the SEG Parties & Employee Recognition Committee (PERC) is to promote staff engagement, teamwork, and acknowledge the significant role that recognition and awards can play in the success of SEG and its employees.

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Other Benefits

  • Tuition Reimbursement - available after completion of 12 months of employment and reimbursed for grade C or better. Reimbursed at 100% of tuition up to $600 then 80% for the next $1,800 per calendar year.
  • On-site Fitness - SEG maintains a fitness room exclusive for the use of its employees and tenants.
  • Bereavement Leave/Funeral Pay - up to 3 days paid leave for policy defined immediate family members and up to 1 day paid leave for policy defined distant relatives.  
  • Employee Assistance Program - EAP's professional counselors offer problem assessment, short-term counseling, information, and referral to community resources. Confidential and paid by SEG.
  • Family & Medical Leave of Absence - Offered to employees after 12 months of employment and at least 1,250 hours worked prior to leave. Provides up to 12 weeks leave with retention of benefits and job following a temporary absence required due to birth or placement of a child or serious medical condition of employee, spouse, child, or parent (in accordance with policy). Policy includes special leave entitlement for up to 26 weeks to care for a covered service member.
  • Service Awards - monetary awards are given in five (5) year increments based on date of hire.
  • Computer Assistance Program - available after 6 months of employment, SEG will reimburse up to $600 toward the purchase of computer/computer-related equipment and is renewable every 3 years. Loans are available for $2,000 and repaid through payroll deduction to help with the purchase of computer-related item(s).

Optional Employee-Paid Benefits

  • Life Insurance - employees may purchase additional life insurance from $25,000 up to five times base annual earning with maximum benefit of $1 million. Guarantee issue up to $130,000 at initial offering. Additional amounts may be subject to underwriting and rates increase with age.
  • Dependent Life Insurance - employees may purchase life insurance up to 5 times the employee's annual salary to a maximum of $100,000 for spouse. Coverage can be purchased for each eligible dependent child age 15 days to 18 yrs in the amount of $10,000
  • Pre-Paid Legal Services - provides services such as preventive, motor vehicle, and IRS audit legal services and trial defense services through Legal Shield and includes a standard Will with yearly reviews and updates, Living Will, and Healthcare Power of Attorney at no additional cost.
  • Identity Theft Services - initial full credit report and guide on how to read it with continuous credit monitoring and identity restoration in the event of a theft. Provided through Identity Shield and can be purchased with optional legal service at a discount.
  • Short-Term Disability (STD) - minimum benefit of $100 and maximum will be 60% of salary to a maximum of $6,000 per month. The benefit begins with the 1st day of accidental injury and 8th day of an illness and the duration is up to 13 weeks. This covers non-occupational injury or illness and the benefit is paid directly to the policy holder.
  • AFLAC - SEG offers 5 plans: Personal Accident Indemnity, Hospital Intensive Care, Hospital, Specified Health Event and Cancer Indemnity.

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