Distinguished Instructor Short Course 1999

Philip Schultz

Spirit Energy/Unocal

The Seismic Velocity Model as an Interpretation Asset


Philip Schultz Philip S. Schultz is a senior consulting geophysicist with Spirit Energy, a division of Unocal. He was most recently Vice President for Development at Advanced Data Solutions in Houston. He spent eleven years with Schlumberger, nine of which were overseas engineering management assignments in Tokyo, London, and finally Paris, where he headed the development of their Reservoir Modeling Workstation. Prior to Schlumberger, he was a research geophysicist with Digicon in Houston, where he was involved in the early development of depth migration technology, and was the project manager for the extension of the Disco processing system to 3D.

An early member of the Stanford Exploration Project (SEP), directed by Jon Claerbout, Dr. Schultz's thesis on the subject of "slant stacks" has the distinction of having the last single-digit SEP volume number. He is a recipient of the "Outstanding Presentation" award of the SEG, and has served as Associate Editor, Data Processing, for Geophysics.

He resides in Houston with his wife Sandy and their three children, and he enjoys a good game of tennis.