SEG Distinguished Instructor Short Course 2012

*A one-day course touring worldwide in 2012

Chris Liner

University of Houston

Elements of Seismic Dispersion: A somewhat practical guide to frequency-dependent phenomena

Date City Host

**Please contact Host Sections for registration details**

26 February Brisbane Australian SEG – Victoria Branch
2 March Perth Australian SEG
6 March Jakarta HAGI
10 April Calgary Canadian SEG
12 April New Orleans Southeastern Geophysical Society (SGS)
17 April Dallas Dallas Geophysical Society
20 April Houston Geophysical Society of Houston
24 April Denver Denver Geophysical Society
26 April Midland Permian Basin Geophysical Society (PBGS)
17 May Moscow EAGO
21 May Milan Italian EAGE-SEG Section
24 May London CGGVeritas
29 May Aberdeen SEG
31 May Stavanger SEG & Statoil
2 June Copenhagen SEG
14 June Paris CGGVeritas
18-19 June Nanjing SEG/Sinopec
21-22 June Beijing SEG China
25 June Tokyo Society of Exploration Geophysicists, Japan
9 July Tulsa SEG & Cimarex
8 August Rio de Janeiro SBGf
10 August Buenos Aires Asociacion Argentina de Geologos y Geofisicos Petroleros
18 September Villahermosa AMGE
21 September Caracas Sociedad Venezolana de Ingenieros Geofisicos
2 November Las Vegas SEG Annual Meeting
7 December Mumbai SPG, India
10 December Abu Dhabi SEG Middle East
12 December Muscat SEG Middle East
16 December Al Khobar SEG Middle East
18 December Istanbul Istanbul University

**Please contact Host Sections for registration details**