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2011 Distinguished Lecturer

Andrey Bakulin

Saudi Aramco, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Virtual source method for imaging and monitoring below complex overburden


Andrey BakulinAndrey Bakulin is a geophysicist at Saudi Aramco's EXPEC Advanced Research Center in Dhahran. He holds a PhD in geophysics (1996) from St. Petersburg State University of Russia. Andrey had a brief academic career at St. Petersburg State University and the Colorado School of Mines. His industrial career followed and now includes tenures at Schlumberger Cambridge Research, Shell Bellaire Technology Center, and WesternGeco. Andrey was involved in the development of several technologies. He co-developed the virtual source method with Rodney Calvert which is the subject of this lecture. He contributed to practical methods of estimating anisotropy from seismic and well data, as well as designing rock physics transforms to characterize fractures and 3D stresses from seismic anisotropy. He developed a method and system to monitor well completions with tube waves. He has served SEG in various roles and has received a variety of professional awards, including Honorable Mention and best presentation at an SEG Annual Meeting (twice), Honorable mention Best Paper in Geophysics (twice), the J. Clarence Karcher Award, and a 2007 E&P Special Meritorious Award for Engineering Innovation.