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Rebecca Latimer
Chevron Energy Technology Company


Rebecca Latimer is currently Team Leader for Chevron's Energy Technology Company Deep Water Stratigraphy Team in Houston, Texas. She has been in the oil industry for 25 years. She started her career with Amoco in New Orleans, La in 1980. In 1986 she moved to Houston with Amoco and worked as an interpreter and sequence stratigrapher in a series of basin modeling groups. In 1989 she moved to Stavanger Norway where she worked as a sequence stratigrapher for Enterprise Oil. After leaving Amoco in 1995, she worked for 5 years as an inversion/geostatistics specialist and Chief Geoscientist with Jason Geosystems in Houston. In 2000 she joined Texaco's Upstream Technology Group working in inversion and geostatistics. Rebecca received her master's degree in geology/geophysics from Boston College in 1980, specializing in coastal processes.

From 1994 onward, Rebecca has been working with inversion data, recognizing the natural link between inverted seismic data and sequence stratigraphy. When properly inverted, the seismic data can yield rock properties, minimize the wavelet effects and allow for a more straight forward medium for interpretation. Rebecca's current interests continue to be the integration of seismic data, inversion, rock properties and well data, as well as the quantification of the uncertainty inherent in interpretation of these data.

Rebecca is an active member of SEG, AAPG, HGS and GSH. She has served on the board of SEG's The Leading Edge as an editor for the Interpreter's Corner for the past 3 years. She has been co-chair of technical meetings at SEG and AAPG, judge for oral sessions and is helping chair and organize the 26th annual GCSSEPM Research Conference in 2006.