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Panos Kelamis
SEG 75th Anniversary
Distinguished Lecturer


Panos G. Kelamis obtained a B.Sc. (Hon.) in Physics from the University of Athens, Greece (1977), a M.Sc. and D.I.C. in Geophysics from the Imperial College of the University of London (1978), and a Ph.D. in Geophysics from the University of Alberta (1982). He worked with the Research & Development group of Western Geophysical in Houston, and for Dome Petroleum in Calgary, before joining Saudi Aramco in Dhahran. Within Saudi Aramco, Panos held various technical and supervisory positions in Geophysical Research, Processing, and Technical Services Divisions. His research efforts were focused primarily on imaging, signal processing, and reservoir geophysics. He was instrumental in the application and development of advanced multiple elimination techniques on land data. Currently, he is the Chief Geophysicist of Geophysical Technical Services of the Exploration Technical Services Department in Saudi Aramco.

Panos is an active member of SEG, EAGE, and DGS. He has served the SEG in various capacities including, representative of the Africa & Middle East region and organizer and co-chair of several technical workshops and meetings (1995 First Balkan Geophysical Conference in Athens, Greece; 1996 First Winter Symposium of EAGE on Reservoir Geophysics in Venice, Italy; 2001 SEG workshop on Velocity-Independent Imaging for Complex Structures, in San Antonio, TX; 2003 SEG/EAGE summer workshop on Processing and Imaging of seismic data using explicit or implicit velocity model information in Trieste, Italy; 2004 EAGE research workshop on Seismic Acquisition Technology in Rhodes, Greece; and 2005 SEG Land Seismic Forum in Bahrain).

He served five years as an Associate Editor of Geophysics and he is currently serving in the editorial boards of the Journal of Seismic Exploration and the Journal of Geophysics & Engineering. Panos is also on the advisory board of the industry-sponsored DELPHI consortium at Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands. He has received the Best Paper Award for a paper presented at the CSEG in 1982 and Honorable Mention for papers presented at the SEG meetings in 1990, 1995 and 1999.