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2012 Distinguished Lecturer

Samuel Gray

CGGVeritas, Calgary, Canada

A brief history of depth…and time seismic imaging


Samuel Gray

Samuel Gray received a Ph.D in mathematics in 1978, and he joined the oil and gas industry in 1982 at Amoco's Research Lab in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he worked on seismic imaging, amplitude analysis, and velocity estimation problems. He moved to Amoco Canada in 1994, where he was humbled by the near surface. He joined Veritas (now CGGVeritas) in 1999. Gray has published and presented widely, and has won awards for best paper in Geophysics and The Leading Edge, best presentation at SEG and CSEG meetings, and honorable mention for best paper in Geophysics. He has also served several times as an Associate Editor of Geophysics. In 2010, he received the SEG's Reginald Fessenden Award for his work on both the theoretical and practical sides of imaging. He is currently a chief scientist at CGGVeritas.