2014 Distinguished Lecturer

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Peter I. Pecholcs

CGG, Massy, France

A journey through time in search of Arabian giants – Oil/gas fields,
recording channels, and petabytes


Peter PecholcsPeter I. Pecholcs received his Master of Science degree in applied geophysics from Columbia University in 1982. Peter worked on his graduate studies at both Columbia University in 1983 and University of Hawaii from 1988-1991. Peter worked as a research geophysicist for SOHIO Petroleum (1983-1988) and as chief hydrologist for the USGS on the island of Tinian before joining Saudi Aramco as a research geophysicist in 1992. In 2001, Peter joined the Geophysical Data Acquisition Division where he pushed acquisition technology to new limits. In 2013, Peter joined CGG as the director of Land Broadband Solutions. His expertise includes near-surface model construction, statics, depthing, signal processing, noise attenuation, and seismic acquisition. Peter has presented and published on these subjects at geophysical conferences and workshops and has been an invited speaker on land seismic. His current interests include high-productivity broadband full-azimuth integrated studies from acquisition to processing to inversion to rock mechanics.