2010 Honorary Lecturer,
South and East Asia

Sponsored by Shell
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Geophysical Issues and Challenges in Southeast Asia with Emphasis on Malay Basin
Presented by Deva Ghosh
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Deva Ghosh


Deva Ghosh obtained a B.S. in geology and physics and an M. Sc in geophysics from Banaras University India and a Ph.D. (1970) from Delft University, Netherlands.  His research solved complex Bessel and Hankel integrals with the help of fast convolution filters and is widely applied in electrical prospecting.  

He worked for Shell for a quarter century (1974–1999) where he was involved in early research on prestack depth migration and other novel applications of 3D seismic. This includes orthogonal 3D surveys at Bullwinkle in the GOM and converted-wave seismology in the southern U.S. He later shifted his focus to bright spot and AVO applications.

Ghosh joined PETRONAS in 2000 and is responsible for research, development, and application of state-of-the-art geophysical technology worldwide. He is passionate about geophysics, about developing local staff, and transfer of technology.

He is a member of AAPG, SPE, EAGE and SEG, and a former editor of EAGE.