Honorary Lecture Program

The Honorary Lecture Program, previously known as the Regional Lecture Program, is a companion program to the long-established SEG Distinguished Lecture Program.

You can access the abstracts, biographies, schedules and other content for each of this year's lecturers below, or view lecturers from previous years by following the links in the right menu. Lecture slides and online lecture recordings of selected lecturers are also available for viewing by SEG members.

Latin America Honorary Lecturers

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Pedro Alvarez

Pedro Alvarez

Rock-property estimation from seismic and CSEM attributes using a rock-physics framework

Sergio Chávez-Pérez

Sergio Chávez-Pérez

Seismic bandwidth extension and resolution improvement: What works

Mauricio D. Sacchi
HL Mauricio D. Sacchi

Practical aspects of regularization and interpolation of (5D) seismic data

Marco Polo P. Buonora
HL Marco Polo P. Buonora

The use of mCSEM for deep-water hydrocarbon exploration in Brazil

Eduardo Filpo
Eduardo Filpo

Image ray time-to-depth conversion and model ray applications

Julian Cabrera
Julian Cabrera

The state and future directions of prestack depth migration

Efrain Mendez-Hernandez
Efrain Mendez-Hernande

Quantitative seismic analysis and its role in improving reservoir description and exploration results

José M. Carcione
Jose Carcione

Physics and simulation of waves for exploration and environmental geosciences

Paulo Johann
Paulo Johann

Reservoir geophysics: Characterization and monitoring offshore Brazil