Honorary Lecture Program

The Honorary Lecture Program, previously known as the Regional Lecture Program, is a companion program to the long-established SEG Distinguished Lecture Program.

You can access the abstracts, biographies, schedules and other content for each of this year's lecturers below, or view lecturers from previous years by following the links in the right menu. Lecture slides and online lecture recordings of selected lecturers are also available for viewing by SEG members.

Europe Honorary Lecturers

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Evgeny Landa
HL Evgeny Landa

Pitfalls and challenges of seismic imaging

Laurent Sirgue
HL Laurent Sirgue

Full waveform inversion of seismic data: Investigating the Earth for high-resolution velocities and more...

Marion D. Jegen
HL Marion Jegen

Joint inversion: The way forward to a comprehensive earth model

Ian Jones
Ian Jones

From imaging to inversion

Lucy MacGregor
Lucy MacGregor

Integrating well log, seismic, and CSEM data for reservoir characterization

Aldo Vesnaver
Aldo Vesnaver

Talking and listening to reservoirs: Production monitoring by active and passive seismic

Per Avseth
Per Avseth

Mind the gap in seismic reservoir prediction: How rock physics can bridge the gap between qualitative geology and quantitative geophysics