2012 Honorary Lecturer

Near Surface

Rick Miller

Kansas Geological Survey, Lawrence, Kansas, USA

Near-surface seismic: More than a problem of scale


HL Rick Miller

Richard Miller (Rick) is a senior scientist at the Kansas Geological Survey (KGS), a research and service division of the University of Kansas (KU). He also holds a courtesy appointment as associate professor of geology at KU. Rick received a BA in physics from Benedictine College, an MS in physics (emphasis geophysics) from KU, and a PhD in geophysics from the University of Leoben, Austria. He has been at the KGS since 1983. His scientific interests focus on the application of shallow, high-resolution seismic methods to a wide assortment of problems ranging from energy to engineering to the environment. Rick is currently SEG's second vice president and was the head of the research team that received SEG's Distinguished Achievement Award in 2002 and was the recipient of the SEG/NSGS Hal Mooney award in 1995. His editorial service includes five years on the TLE Editorial Board (2005 through 2009, chairman during 2009) and as co-editor of the 2010 book Advances in Near-surface Seismology and Ground-penetrating Radar. He has published more than 85 refereed journal articles and a half-dozen book chapters.