2013 Honorary Lecturer

Near Surface

Laura Valentina Socco

Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Surface wave analysis for near-surface characterization: Introduction, theme and variations

2013 HL Valentina Socco

Laura Valentina Socco is presently associate professor in Applied Geophysics at the Politecnico di Torino, where she obtained her PhD in environmental geo-engineering (1997) and her MSc in civil engineering (1992). She has been in charge of the Applied Geophysics Lab at the Politecnico since 2007. Her research work covers several near-surface geophysical methods and applications, and, over the last decade, has focused on surface-wave methods and geophysical data integration for near-surface characterization, with particular regard to the development of new processing and inversion approaches. She is author of about 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications in journals and for conferences and has been given an honorable mention for Best Paper in Geophysics in 2012. She is member of the EAGE Research Committee, and is vice-chairwoman of the EAGE Near Surface Division Committee. She is Associate Editor of Geophysics (since 2003) and Near Surface Geophysics (since 2006). She has been the principal investigator of many research projects financed by national and international institutions as well as by private companies. She teaches geophysical prospecting in the Petroleum Engineering MSc Program. She has been advisor of more than 40 MSc and of 5 PhD theses. She has been convener of several workshops at EAGE conferences and an invited speaker at international conferences and research institutions.