Honorary Lecture Program

The Honorary Lecture Program, previously known as the Regional Lecture Program, is a companion program to the long-established SEG Distinguished Lecture Program.

You can access the abstracts, biographies, schedules and other content for each of this year's lecturers below, or view lecturers from previous years by following the links in the right menu. Lecture slides and online lecture recordings of selected lecturers are also available for viewing by SEG members.

North America Honorary Lecturers

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Aria Abubakar
HL Aria Abubakar

Joint inversion of multiphysics data for petrophysical and engineering properties

Nick Moldoveanu
HL Nick Moldoveanu

Evolution of marine acquisition technology after wide azimuth

Shuki Ronen
Shuki Ronen

Ocean-bottom acquisition and processing: past, present, and future

Tad Smith
Tad Smith

Practical seismic petrophysics: The effective use of log data for seismic analysis

Mike Batzle
Mike Batzle

It's the fluids that count            


Bill Goodway
Bill Goodway

The magic of lamé                   

Richard O. Lindsay
Per Avseth

Forgotten geophysics: A reminder that first-order effects should come first