2012 Honorary LecturerSponsored by Shell

Pacific South

Peter Hatherly

Coalbed Geoscience Pty Ltd Sydney, Australia

A role for geophysical methods in meeting the resource requirements of the 21st century


Peter Hatherly

Peter Hatherly is a geophysicist with 35 years experience in research and consulting for coal mining. Over that time, he has had involvement with many geophysical techniques but mostly with geophysical logging, seismic reflection methods, and microseismic monitoring. The applications cover diverse areas such as mapping coal seam structures, geotechnical characterisation of rock masses, monitoring of the stability of rock masses, and estimation of greenhouse gas emissions.

In seeking to solve practical mining problems, he has worked closely with geologists, geotechnical engineers, and other geophysicists. Peter currently offers geophysical services through his own company, Coalbed Geoscience. He is also employed part-time at the University of Sydney where he is contributing to a large mine automation project funded by Rio Tinto. Previous appointments include CRC Mining Professor of Mining Geophysics at the University of Sydney and Senior Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO.

Peter holds a PhD from Macquarie University and has received a number of awards for his contributions to geophysics and coal mining.