2009 Honorary LecturerSponsored by Shell

Pacific South

Andrew S. Long

Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS)
Perth, Australia

Multi-azimuth and Wide-azimuth Seismic: Foundations, Challenges, and Opportunities


Andrew S. LongAndrew Long is chief scientist to the geoscience and engineering division of Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS). After graduating with geophysics degrees from Melbourne University and Curtin University of Technology, Andrew spent four years in land seismic acquisition and processing. He then completed a PhD in geophysics at the University of Western Australia (1996). During his study period he also worked on the commercial development of satellite altimetry applications to marine gravity mapping and managed a seismic interpretation bureau. A position as postdoctoral research affiliate followed with Stanford University in 1996, working jointly between the Stanford Exploration Project (SEP) and the Stanford Crustal Geophysics group. After joining PGS in late 1997, he has held various regional and global positions, including responsibilities for Asia-Pacific geophysical support, global technical marketing, global geophysical advisor and his current role. Particular fields of offshore seismic application have included time-lapse 4D, multi-azimuth and wide-azimuth 3D, dual-sensor streamer, rock physics, and the integration of seismic and EM data. He lives in Perth, Australia, with his wife (Ros) and daughter (Claire).