Honorary Lecture Program

The Honorary Lecture Program, previously known as the Regional Lecture Program, is a companion program to the long-established SEG Distinguished Lecture Program.

You can access the abstracts, biographies, schedules and other content for each of this year's lecturers below, or view lecturers from previous years by following the links in the right menu. Lecture slides and online lecture recodings of selected lecturers are also available for viewing by SEG members.

Pacific South Honorary Lecturers

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How-Wei Chen

How-Wei Chen

Crossing boundaries among near-surface, energy resource exploration, earthquake and tectonic studies

Greg Beresford

Greg Beresford

Some interesting concepts associated with seismic seafloor acquisition

Sandeep Chandola

HL Sandeep Chandola

Marine Seismic Acquisition: Expanding the possibilities!

Dave Isles
HL Dave Isles

Aeromagnetics - A Driver for Discovery & Development of Earth Resources

Peter Hatherly
Peter Hatherly

A role for geophysical methods in meeting the resource requirements of the 21st century

Richard Lane
Richard Lane

Building on 3D geological knowledge through gravity and magnetic modeling workflows at regional to local scales

Ben Clennell
Ben Clennell

Electrical properties of sedimentary rocks from DC to dielectric frequencies

Andrew S. Long
Andrew S. Long

Multi-azimuth and wide-azimuth seismic: Foundations, challenges, and opportunities