Honorary Lecture Program

The Honorary Lecture Program, previously known as the Regional Lecture Program, is a companion program to the long-established SEG Distinguished Lecture Program.

You can access the abstracts, biographies, schedules and other content for each of this year's lecturers below, or view lecturers from previous years by following the links in the right menu. Lecture slides and online lecture recordings of selected lecturers are also available for viewing by SEG members.

South & East Asia Honorary Lecturers

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Jie Zhang

Jie Zhang

Looking into the near surface imaging technologies and results

Naide Pan
HL Naide Pan

Broadband marine seismic and beyond: With focus on wave-theory and multicomponent streamer-based solutions and applications

Xuri Huang
Xuri Huang

Bridging the chasm between geophysics and reservoir engineering

D. P. Sinha
D P Sinha

Earth velocity estimationBridge the gap of interdependency between geology and geophysics

Sam Z. Sun
Sam Z. Sun

The cheapest elastic information: How rock physics models and amplitude processing affect prestack PP inversion

Jung-Ho Kim
Jung-Ho Kim

Incorporating the fourth dimension into geophysical data interpretation


Deva Ghosh
Deva Ghosh

Geophysical issues and challenges in Southeast Asia with emphasis on Malay Basin

C. H. Mehta
CH Mehta

Significance of Fresnel zones in seismic reflection prospecting

Steve Chang
Steve Chang

Recent advances in borehole geophysics applications