Petroleum Geology for Geophysicists

by Ken Wolgemuth

Duration: Two days

Intended Audience: All levels

This course is designed for technical staff trained in mathematics, physics, engineering, etc, and with up to 5 years experience in the energy industry, but with no college or university coursework in geology.

This course is intended for geophysicists who have no formal training in geology. It covers the principles of geology, petroleum geology and reservoir geology on the first day and petroleum exploration, petroleum trap geometry and seismic-stratigraphy on the second day. The parts of these disciplines that are applicable to the work of a geophysicist are emphasized. The lectures are complemented with exercises. Completion of this course will allow the geophysicist to have the insight to apply the earth model to seismic acquisition, processing and interpretation.

Course Outline:

  • The Earth's Crust – Where We Find It
  • Geological Time
  • Deformation of Sedimentary Rock
  • Plate Tectonics
  • Generation, Migration and Accumulation of Petroleum
  • Reservoir Rocks
  • Petroleum Exploration – Correlation
  • Petroleum Exploration – Mapping
  • Petroleum Traps
  • Offshore Petroleum Traps
  • Seismic-Sequence Stratigraphy

Instructor Biography:
Ken Wolgemuth