Change in SEG Student Benefits

Dear SEG Student Member,

I am writing to you today to announce a change in your student benefits package.  Beginning January 1, 2011, all student members will receive digital copies of The Leading Edge journal.  Print copies will no longer be shipped for free to student members.  All other student membership benefits will remain the same.  And student membership will continue to remain free. 

Much consideration and discussion went into this decision, and these discussions involved not only the SEG Executive Committee, but also members of the Membership Committee, the Global Affairs Committee, and most importantly, the Committee on University and Student Programs and global leaders of SEG student chapters.  Ultimately, it was determined that dissolution of print TLE as a student membership benefit was a better alternative than limiting the number of SEG student members. 

SEG does understand the value of print copies of TLE and the lack of access to internet for some of our student members.  With that in mind, SEG will be increasing the number of copies of TLE shipped to our Student Chapters.  I would strongly encourage you to affiliate with your student chapter now to ensure enough copies of TLE are shipped to your chapter.  For more information on student chapters, please email student chapters

I would also encourage you to visit the new digital edition of The Leading Edge online.  This new version of TLE is a page-by-page reproduction of the print issue, enhanced with a variety of rich text features.  Features of the new format allows TLE to offer readers a more robust and interactive reading experience. Readers can use the search function to find specific terms in an individual issue or across multiple issues. They also can take advantage of linked e-mail and Web addresses to connect authors and advertisers. Those wanting additional information about an article's sources can use the linked references to locate or even download source materials. Images can be enlarged to enhance clarity, and multimedia files can be viewed from within the issue. Members can also use social and professional networking features to share and comment on articles. 

SEG student membership continues to grow every year and we are excited by this growth.  We look forward to this growth and to the continued globalization of our student membership population. 

If you have any questions regarding your student membership please don't hesitate to contact the SEG membership department at

Steve Hill