2nd African Geosciences Student Conference

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

Kumasi, Ghana


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2nd African Geosciences Student Conference Benefits Region

Have you undertaken any research in the Geosciences or allied disciplines lately? Send in an abstract for an oral or poster presentation at the 2nd African Geosciences Student Conference, Kumasi, Ghana. Send your extended abstract as an attachment to agsc2014ghana@gmail.com by 30 March 2014.

The African Geoscience Student Conference is a student-organized event where students and industry representatives attend to learn and share new and best practices in the geosciences and associated disciplines. The conference is a platform for networking to foster bonds among professionals and students within the African continent and the rest of the world.

Africa has a lot of natural resources which require the skills and knowledge of geoscientists for exploration and production. It also has a lot of problems which also require geoscientists to be innovative. Most students and young professionals in the field however restrict their career opportunities to the oil and gas industry. The 2nd AGSC-Kumasi 2014 will create a platform where students and professionals come together to be exposed to the broad range of opportunities in the Geosciences and be challenged to get involved in solving the continent's problems using the knowledge and skills they have acquired.

Important dates:

  • 22 January: Launch
  • 22 January to 30 April: Call for Papers
  • 22 January to 14 May: Registration for Conference
  • 20 May to 24 May: Conference

Geosciences students residing in Sub-Saharan Africa are invited to apply for the upcoming SEG/ExxonMobil SEP to be held in Kumasi, Ghana on 18-20 May 2014. Applicants who are awarded a travel grant will also be participating in the 2nd African Geosciences Student Conference from 21-24 May 2014. Learn more about travel grants.