2011 marks the second-highest number of submissions for Annual Meeting Technical Program


The Society of Exploration Geophysicists' 81st Annual Meeting is less than five months away, and the number of Technical Program abstracts submitted this year is an indication of a healthy industry.

With over 1,150 submissions, the second highest after Las Vegas, this year's Technical Program promises to showcase some of the world's most innovative applied scientists, including students as well as young scientists, speaking on topics most intriguing to the industry.

Sergey Fomel, Technical Program chairman, commented, " The Technical Program Committee has been extremely busy reviewing the excellent abstracts that were received recently.  The Technical Program will include many outstanding presentations, six special sessions, and a large number of postconvention workshops.  Themes in this year's submissions are the more traditional ones along with sprinkles of new topics and paradigm-shifting ideas."  Fomel went on to say that the special sessions will address such topics as hydrogeophysics, North American and Caribbean petroleum systems, environmental aspects of exploring unconventional resources and geophysical detection of military munitions.

It takes over 650 volunteers to give each abstract three independent reviews before it is accepted into the program.  It's a rigorous process and one that takes hours of manpower.  The mechanics of choosing just the right abstract to be represented at the Technical Program include such weighted items as commercialism, coherency, illustrations, conclusions, relevance, and technical content.  The biggest surprise the reviewers expressed was the substantial increase in the number of submissions across different topics as well as the increase in the quality of papers submitted from foreign countries.  It appears that in the global economy, language barriers and scientific barriers have started to disappear with an example being the many submissions from China.

When asked if there were any renewed or a new focus on any particular topic, Fomel answered, "Seismic inversion continues to be the most popular topic. Judging from the number of submissions, there is also a substantial increase of interest in gravity and magnetics, rock physics, reservoir characterization, and passive seismic. The latter is driven in part by the emerging theme of exploration challenges in unconventional resources. Humanitarian applications of geophysics emerged as a new topic. It is nice to see examples of using geophysical technology for solving different humanitarian problems."

The SEG Exposition and 81st Annual Meeting will be held 18-23 September 2011 in San Antonio, Texas, at the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center.  For more information, visit SEG International Exposition and 81st Annual Meeting.

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