SEG-sponsored events

Guidelines for inviting support

SEG welcomes sponsorship requests for events, both domestic and international, both live and online, across all SEG sections and associated societies, for support for meetings, workshops, conferences, forums, trade shows, and other events. Each year SEG supports numerous events around the world, both live and virtual, using calendar listings, member support, financial support, and various forms of publicity.

If you are interested in receiving SEG support for your event, please do the following:

Remember to complete all information on the form so we can make an informed decision about your request. SEG will acknowledge receipt of your Meeting Request via email. Your Request will be submitted to the Meetings Review and Planning Committee on the first business day of each month. This committee meets monthly to review all requests. If you request Level I, II, or III support, you will receive notification via email of the committee's decision by the 21st of that month. If you request Level IV or V support, if approved by the Meetings Review and Planning Committee, your request will be placed on the agenda for the next Board of Directors Meeting. Once the Board votes on your meeting request, you will be notified via email of their decision.

Questions? Please email with questions about meeting support and/or the Meeting Request form.