SEG 2013 Forum on Microseismic Technology

Evaluating Monitoring Techniques:
Downhole, Buried and Surface

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2224 January 2013
Silverado Resort and Spa, Napa, California

Important Dates:

21 December – Deadline for Advanced Registration

21 December – Deadline for Housing Reservations

The recent increase in awareness of the potential of unconventional reservoirs has caused a tremendous growth in hydraulic fracture stimulation operations. Hydraulic fracturing causes changes in the state of stress in the vicinity of the stimulation resulting in the generation of microseismicity. Conventionally, the recording of microseismicity has been performed with borehole seismic tools deployed in deep nearby wells but "frac monitoring" is not restricted to such a setting. Elastic waves generated by these micro-earthquakes can also be recorded at the earth's surface and in shallow boreholes. The energy released by microseismic events as a result of hydraulic stimulation is small, and, due to the longer travel paths and higher noise levels, monitoring hydraulic fracture stimulations from surface potentially requires orders of magnitude more sensors than downhole monitoring. The two monitoring methods also differ in their sensitivity, accuracy, and precision, all of which contribute to differences in their final distribution of event locations.

The purpose of this forum is to compare the different monitoring techniques in order to better understand the interpretability of their results.

The forum will include the following sessions:

  1. Fact Finding (case studies)
  2. Feasibility Studies (sensor network design, sensitivity, velocity model)
  3. Processing (borehole, surface, combined)
  4. Uncertainty (standardized numbers)
  5. The Road Ahead (current trends, future needs)

Each session will have several speakers and panel discussions. Posters will be displayed throughoutthe forum and time will be provided for discussions.

The Forum Process

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A presentation is not a requirement to be accepted for registration; however all participants are expected to take part in the discussions and will be accepted on the basis of the information they supply on the Application Form. All participants agree to share with other participants their experience and knowledge in this area and to attend all sessions. There will be no formal proceedings from the Forum.

The Application Form can be completed online but must be printed, scanned and emailed to SEG Meetings or printed and faxed to +1 918-497-5577. Applications will be accepted as long as space is available.


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The registration fee includes the Icebreaker Reception on 22 January 2013. On 23 and 24 January, a Continental Breakfast, AM and PM Coffee Breaks and Lunch are included as well as a special Team Building Activity one evening.

Meeting Location

The meeting will be held at the Silverado Resort and Spa in Napa, California, 22-24 January 2013. In addition to the meetings and planned meals held at the resort, guest rooms will be available at a very favorable rate as January is their low season. When you are accepted as a Presenter or a Participant, you will receive additional information and will be able to reserve a guest room.

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Organizing Committee
Chairman - Dr. Werner Heigl (Apache Corporation), Julie Schmeta (MEQ Geo, Inc.), Dr. Shawn Maxwell (Schlumberger), Dr. Anca Rosca (Baker Hughes/Magnitude), Dr. Ulrich Zimmer (ConocoPhillips), Dr. Michael Thornton, MicroSeismic, Inc.

SEG Senior Meeting Planner
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