Seismic While Drilling





SEG/SPE Workshop

Seismic While Drilling: Managing Risk and Optimizing Well Placement

1-3 May 2013
Moody Gardens Hotel & Spa
Galveston Island, Texas

Important Dates:

1 April 2013 - Advance registration deadline

10 April 2013 - Housing reservation deadline

Top international E&P operators, service companies, and applied research personnel will gather to discuss the latest advances in Seismic-While-Drilling (SWD) and the processing and integration of SWD data with other geophysical data. This two-day single track workshop will explore the need for drillers, geophysicists, geologists, and petrophysicists to work together developing SWD applications and technology.

Drilling in complex geologic settings, especially offshore and in environmentally sensitive locations, often results in surprises, unexpected hazards, and increased costs. The result is that many times the potential oil and gas reserves are not discovered or are not developed in such a way as to obtain maximum recovery of existing hydrocarbons. Borehole seismic measurements are critically important to calibrate surface seismic data and to develop accurate geological models for reducing risk and cost. This is particularly true in exploration drilling where few, if any, relevant offset well data are available.

Conventional Vertical Seismic Profile (VSP) surveying techniques use wireline systems with recording tools in the borehole. Interruption of the drilling process increases operating costs and risks. SWD helps overcome the higher costs and risks, provides the geophysicists and drillers with valuable information to optimize drilling efficiency, to guide to the target with the ability to predict pore pressure ahead of the bit, and to verify reservoir models in real-time.

This workshop is being designed to identify the safety and environmental benefits of Seismic While Drilling and to accelerate its adoption by the industry. This event will feature informal technical presentations each followed by discussion with the audience. Abstracts for presentations will be solicited with a call which will be available on this website in early December. All presentations will be selected by the Workshop Committee.

The workshop will begin with an opening reception on Wednesday evening, 1 May 2013, with two full days of sessions on both Thursday and Friday.

The following sessions make up the program:

The Opening Session features:
Keynote Address
Scene-Setting Review of progress in SWD
Presentation of The Legends of SWD Award
Current State of the Art

Abstracts solicited for these Session Topics:

Case Studies – Sessions II and III
Session Chairs: Cengiz Esmersoy, Henri Houllenvigue, Doug Patterson

Drilling Value Proposition – Session IV
Session Chairs: Jeff Moss and Azra Tutuncu

Industry Prospective and Technology Gaps – Session V
Session Chairs: Brian Hornby and Dudley McManus

Emerging Technologies – Session VI
Session Chairs: Jean-Marc Mougenot and Arthur Cheng

Panel Discussion – Session VII
Moderator: Bob Radtke


Sponsorship Opportunities:

We are currently accepting applications for sponsorship. For more information, see the Sponsorship Packet under Important Documents on the right sidebar and contact SEG for additional information.

Location and Dates:
The venue for the meetings, meals and guest rooms for the SEG/SPE Seismic While Drilling Workshop is the Moody Gardens Hotel, Spa and Convention Center in Galveston, Texas. The dates are 1-3 May 2013.

The location and dates were chosen to give international attendees to the OTC (Offshore Technology Conference) an opportunity to come to the USA a few days early to attend the workshop. Moody Gardens Hotel in Galveston, Texas is approximately 52 miles from downtown Houston and the location for OTC.

Workshop Process:

  1. All abstracts have been submitted and the organizing committee has carefully reviewed applications and papers to determine acceptance.
  2. If your abstract has been accepted, you should by now have received registration and housing information by e-mail.
  3. Register and pay the fee to attend the workshop.
  4. Make your own housing reservations with the hotel using the information you will be given to secure the special group rate for workshop attendees.
  5. Come enjoy a great time of learning and sharing of ideas and experiences.

Workshop Participants:
A presentation is not a requirement in order to be accepted for registration, however, direct participation in the discussions is a requirement for all attendees.

The Advance Registration fee of US$730 is available until 1 April 2013. After 1 April 2013 the fee will increase to US$830.

A block of guest rooms have been arranged for the workshop at The Moody Gardens Hotel (for complete hotel information go to their website, at a group rate of $157 plus tax per night. To reserve your room, please call +1 888-388-8484 and tell them you are with the group SEG/SPE Seismic While Drilling Workshop.

To reserve your room online, please see the instructions in the Registration and Housing Information doucument under the Important Documents list above. This document contains other important information about the workshop.

This is a very busy time at the hotel and you must make your reservation as soon as possible and before the 10 April deadline.

Visa Information and Invitation letters:

Participants in the workshop may generate an official invitation letter using the form below. This form will generate a letter which you can print and use in obtaining a visa.

For those whose company or organization is planning on sending more than one individual to the workshop, additional documentation may be required for scheduling an appointment with the local American Embassy. If additional assistance is required, fill out a separate invitation letter for each individual requesting a visa using the form below. Each invitation letter has a unique reference number. Produce one cover letter listing all individuals requesting a visa. The letter must include the following information for each individual:

  • name
  • passport number
  • date and place of birth
  • nationality as it appears on the passport
  • reference number from the invitation letter

Fax these forms together with the cover letter printed on the group's official stationery to +1.918.497.5557, Attention: Visa Letter Assistance.

Please note that this letter does not guarantee that you will be granted a visa, nor does it commit SEG to pay any expenses you may incur. It is the sole responsibility of the attendee to obtain the necessary paperwork for entry to the United States.

If you have any questions about this form or the letter it generates, please send us an email.

Organizing Committee:

Bob Radtke, Co-Chairman (Technology International Inc.) Cengiz Esmersoy, Co-Chairman (Schlumberger) J. Oliverio Alvarez (ExxonMobil,) Gopal Amruthapuri (Anadarko), Arthur Cheng (Halliburton), Andy Hawthorn (Schlumberger), Henri Houllegigue (TOTAL USA), Azra Tutuncu (Colorado School of Mines) and Doug Patterson (Baker Hughes)

SEG Senior Meeting Planner:

Peggy Pryor