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Networking at the 2008 Honors and Awards Ceremony



Joining groups and communities offers avenues to help you find employment, continue your education, and publish your research. SEG membership provides geoscientists with ready-made networks. Following are some professional networking tips.


Join professional groups. Joining a professional group allows you access to lectures, conferences, workshops, forums, and meetings in your field. The people you meet at these events can expand your networking contacts

Volunteer to be a part of a committee. You can showcase your leadership skills by working on an industry-related committee. The contacts you make volunteering will be of a higher value because you will work closely together on significant projects. This is a great way to make yourself visible and valuable. As part of SEG's global strategy, members may now participate in most committee meetings from anywhere in the world if they have a telephone, broadband Internet access, and a few extra hours to devote to deliberations. Learn more about SEG committees by visiting our committee pages.

Online Collaboration
Read and contribute to discussions of interest to geoscience professionals.



SEG Groups & Committees...

As a not-for-profit Society, SEG relies on its committees to keep the organization running smoothly. These committees manage everything from the organizational government to technical matters of geophysical interest to the Society's publications.

OLC Training Videos...

Take advantage of these quick, succint training videos and learn how to utilize this new member tool. For best results, please allow the video to load completely before playing. More videos are available on the Online Collaboration site.