SEG Celebrates its 300th Student Chapter


This year, SEG welcomed a new student chapter from the Earth Science and Technology School of Kasetsart University, a public university based  in Bangkok, Thailand. With its entry to the SEG community, the Kasetsart University Student Chapter can look forward to enjoying such benefits as issues of TLE and Geophysics, visits from Distinguished and Honorary Lecturers, and more.

This Bangkok-based university will be the bearer of a special honor, as it is now the 300th Student Chapter at SEG. Passing this milestone serves as a clear indication of SEG's growth among the student population in the geosciences, as more and more future geophysicists tap into the great resources SEG provides for career development, education, and networking.

"Our members would like to build a formal place for discussing and sharing geophysical knowledge among our friends, professors, and students in our department," says Wisawet Wongwai, Chapter President. "The SEG network will be a benefit and will help us promote our research, education, cooperation, and geophysical networking efficiently."

Students, enter the Prepare for Glory! contest, celebrating SEG's 300th student chapter!