SEG to hold elections for Board of Directors
and selected districts

SEG Active members may cast their votes for new leadership in the 2014 Society of Exploration Geophysicists election, which opens 3 June and closes 31 July. Active SEG members whose email addresses are on file will receive personalized pass code information in an email on 3 June from Survey and Ballot Systems (SBS), the company managing the SEG election. Results of the election will be announced mid-August. The new board will begin its term at the end of the 2014 Annual Meeting and complete its term at the end of next year's Annual Meeting. Elected District Representatives will begin their terms at the 2014 Annual Council Meeting and serve through the 2016 Council.

Only Active, Emeritus, Honorary, and Life members are eligible to vote on all matters submitted to the membership; however, members failing to pay dues by 1 June will not be eligible to vote in the 2014 election.

For questions regarding the election, please contact SEG. For information on how to become an Active member of the Society and be eligible to vote in future elections, please visit SEG Membership online.

Nominees for Board of Directors

The following Active Members have been selected by the SEG Committee on Nominations and agreed to be candidates for the 2014-2015 board of directors:

Peter Annan and John Bradford

Second vice president
Rocco Detomo, Jr. and Eve Sprunt

Alison Weir Small and Robert H. Tatham

Maurice Nessim and Tariq Alkhalifah

Jie Zhang and Xianhuai Zhu

SEG's current president-elect, Chris Liner, will serve as president, Don Steeples will serve as past president, Rob Stewart will serve as first vice president, Evert Slob will continue as editor, Mike Graul will continue as Chair of the Council, and Guillaume Cambois, Gustavo Carstens, Chris Krohn, and Edith Miller will continue as directors-at-large on the 2014-2015 board of directors.

District Elections

In addition to the board of directors’ election, eight districts are holding elections for representatives. All districts have one seat to fill except for District 2 which has three open seats and District 8 which has two open seats. The nominees are:

District 1
Kaushik Bandyopadhyay and Arthur Weglein

District 2
Kathryn "Kathy" Hardy, Susan Minkoff, Glenn Winters, and Richard Zinno

District 3
Jonathan Ajo-Franklin and Biondo Biondi

District 4
Enders Robinson

District 6
Paul S. Cunningham

District 8
Dirk Gajewski, Jean-Jacques Postel, and Johan O. A. Robertsson

District 9
Iyabode Sindiku

District 12
Thomas Ridsdill-Smith

2014 member update request

In preparation for the upcoming board election, SEG is asking all members to update their member information, especially mailing address, email, and SEG Section/Associated Society affiliation. A primary Section/Associated Society will need to be designated if you have multiple affiliations. You may update this information by logging into the SEG Web site (, sending an email to or by calling the SEG Business Office at 1-918-497-5581.