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Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA - 24 October 2012: SEG is launching a peer-reviewed journal focused on advancing the practice of interpretation. The journal, Interpretation, was approved in May 2012 by the SEG Executive Committee and will be published quarterly beginning May 2013. Article submissions are now being accepted.

Interpretation seeks papers directly relevant to the practice of interpretation of the earth's subsurface for exploration and extraction of mineral resources and for environmental and engineering applications. Relevant contributions to Interpretation include, but are not limited to, submissions that advance geophysical or geologic concepts and principles of interpretation; correlation and calibration with engineering data; planning and evaluation of alternative completion strategies; case studies; algorithms for interpretation tools; and workflows, pitfalls, observations, insights, technical challenges, and tutorials. Articles that describe interpretation methods and applications involving integration of multiple data sets to quantify as well as visualize subsurface structures are especially encouraged.

"Interpreters are a large and diverse community underserved by available communication channels," said SEG President Bob Hardage, a member of the journal's editorial board. "This publication will change that dynamic by helping scientists across disciplines share their experiences and improve the quality of each other's work." 

Former SEG Editor Yonghe Sun is the journal's editor-in-chief. The journal will be available in print as well as in online form. Papers will be published online as they are accepted, edited, and composed. The first papers to be published will be available online in early 2013, with the first issue due to be completed midway through the year. All articles will be freely available to the world throughout 2013 as the journal is introduced to the scientific community. In 2014, access will be limited to members and subscribers.

An Interpretation article is not required to contain an interpretation; it only has to help advance the practice of interpretation. Likewise an article may focus on interpretation of a data set if this provides significant new insight on the geology of an area or on the workflow used.

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