AAPG and SEG launch joint Middle East office to promote excellence in the geosciences

Manama, Bahrain, 5 March 2012 — On 5 March, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) and the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) will bring together the combined knowledge of the two largest geoscience societies in the world to open a joint office in Dubai, UAE.

The joint office will facilitate service provision to members in the Middle East, India and North Africa and will offer a point of collaboration for conferences, workshops, lectures, and short-courses to advance the disciplines of geology and geophysics.

"The inauguration of the joint office in Dubai will create synergies to efficiently serve the professional needs of the upstream industry in the region," said Alan Wegener, AAPG Director of Global Development and Operations. "The impact of the efficiencies and energy created in this venture may well be felt globally as we provide new and additional projects, products and services to the professional E&P community."

"Both AAPG and SEG see this as a long-term partnership that will benefit the entire industry," says Dr. Terrence Todd, SEG Director, Global Relations and Meetings, "We envision SEG Global, Inc. Middle East as collaborating broadly with constituents and partner societies to deliver superior and innovative products and services that meet business needs while at the same time fulfilling the overall mission of the Society."

Representatives from SEG and AAPG will attend the 10th Middle East Geosciences Conference and Exhibition on 4 – 7 March 2012 to share the Middle East operations vision, upcoming activities and membership opportunities.

AAPG Info:
Since its founding in 1917, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists has been a pillar of the world-wide scientific community. The original purpose of AAPG, to foster scientific research, to advance the science of geology, to promote technology, and to inspire high professional conduct, still guides the Association today. Currently the world's largest professional geological society with over 30,000 members, AAPG provides publications, conferences, and educational opportunities to geoscientists and disseminates the most current geological information available to the general public.

AAPG supports a code of ethics for professional geologists to assure employers and clients of the integrity of its members.
The Association is guided by officers and a House of Delegates elected annually.

AAPG is an international organization with offices in Dubai, London, Singapore, Tulsa and Washington D.C.

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