SEG Journal Focuses on Induced Seismicity

Tulsa, OK – 5 December 2012 – The December issue of The Leading Edge, a monthly publication of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG), includes a special section in the issue, titled Passive Seismic and Microseismic, containing ten articles. Five of the articles deal with one of the most debated subjects impacting energy resources – "fracking" of tight reservoirs and the possibility that this could result in earthquakes.

The subject of "induced" seismicity and the possibility that it could trigger subsequent earthquakes is thoroughly analyzed in "The potential for induced seismicity in energy technologies." The article reviews the significant conclusions of an ad-hoc committee of 12 experts, assembled by the National Research Council of the National Academies (at the request of the U.S. Department of Energy), to examine the scale, scope, and consequences of seismicity induced during fluid injection and withdrawal related to geothermal energy development; oil and gas development including shale gas recovery; and carbon capture storage. The lead author of the article summarizing the work of the ad-hoc committee is Julie Shemeta of MEQ Geo, a member of the committee. She also served as the primary guest editor for this special section of TLE.

Three articles in the special section deal with induced seismicity in Texas, with considerable focus on the Barnett Shale and the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The titles are "A survey of earthquakes and injection well locations in the Barnett Shale, Texas", "Source characteristics of seismicity associated with underground wastewater disposal: A case study from the 2008 Dallas-Fort Worth earthquake sequence", and "Ongoing seismicity in the Dallas-Fort Worth area." The final article dealing with induced seismicity is "Can small events (M<0) observed during hydraulic fracture stimulations initiate large events (M>0)?"

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