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Membership classifications

SEG offers several types of individual memberships and one option for Corporate Membership. Please review the ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS to determine which best fit your needs.

Active Membership (AC) – must be actively engaged in practicing or teaching geophysics or a related scientific field. The member's work must be of a professional nature for not less than eight years and must be of a responsible nature calling for the exercise of independent judgment and the application of geophysical or geologic principles during at least three years of the total eight years' professional experience. Time spent working towards a degree in a scientific field from a recognized college or university may count time as a student toward a portion of the required 8 year's professional experience, not to exceed:

Bachelor's degree
Master's degree
Doctorate degree

4 years
5 years
7 years

Time spent solely as a full-time student, even in pursuit of a doctorate, cannot be counted toward the requirement of at least 3 years professional experience of a responsible nature.

Waiver of Active Reference Requirement

An Associate or Student Member with at least eight years membership in the Society who seeks transfer to the Active Membership will have a waiver of providing the required references if the member otherwise meets the other requirements of election to Active Membership.

Honorary Membership (HO) – shall be conferred upon persons who, in the unanimous opinion of the Committee on Honors and Awards and the Executive Committee, have made a distinguished contribution, which warrants exceptional recognition, to exploration geophysics or a related field or to the advancement of the profession of exploration geophysics through service to the Society.

Life Awarded Membership (LA) – shall be conferred on persons who have voluntarily rendered exceptionally meritorious service to the Society which, in the unanimous opinion of the Executive Committee, warrants recognition. Life members shall not be required to pay dues and shall receive, without charge, the journals and any other periodicals published by the Society.

Emeritus Membership (EM) – An active member in good standing may become an Emeritus Member upon reaching 65 years of age, provided the member has been an Active or Associate Member for a total of 30 years, including time spent in military service. The Executive Committee shall have the authority to waive the age and years of membership requirements for transfer to Emeritus Membership in case of an unusual circumstance. Annual dues shall be no more than ½ those of Active members.

Active, Honorary, Life and Emeritus members shall enjoy all privileges of the Society. They shall be eligible to hold office, to vote on all matters submitted to the membership, to petition the Council or Executive Committee on any matter, to sponsor applicants for membership, and to publish their affiliation with the Society. Active members shall include Honorary, Life and Emeritus members.

Associate Membership (AS) – must be actively interested in geophysics.

Student Membership (ST) – must be a graduate or undergraduate student in good standing in residence at a recognized university or college. Student members receive online access to The Leading Edge Digital Edition and access to the SEG Digital Library. Students can purchase Geophysics, Interpretation and The Leading Edge in print for an additional fee. Annual dues shall be not more than ¼ of those of an Active Member.

Associate and Student members shall be entitled to attend the meetings of the Society, to receive its journals, and to purchase its publications on the same terms as Active Members. They shall have none of the other privileges of membership and in publishing their affiliation with the Society, shall clearly indicate their grade of membership.

Junior Membership (JR) – open to all pre-university students, with a demonstrated ability and interest in the geosciences through enrollment in an advanced level secondary education geosciences course or a non-credit earth science course offered by a recognized university or college; this also includes programs offered by science centers, community-based organizations, the Scouts movement, particularly those who have earned the natural science merit badge, specifically in geology or other informal educational institutions. Volunteer or internship position in a science museum, science camp or involvement with or similar organizations and situations through which the applicant's interest in geosciences is exhibited by means of instructing others in geosciences is also permissible.

In addition, a formal recommendation from a teacher, mentor or a professional geoscientist is required for acceptance into the program. Junior Members shall be entitled to attend meetings of the Society under appropriate supervision, to purchase its publications on the same terms as Student Members, and to have electronic access to SEG's services, products and journals.

Note: University/College level students, please join the Society as a Student (ST) Member.

Corporate Membership (CO) – a corporation or organization that must be actively engaged in geophysical exploration, geophysical research, or a related field, or in furnishing services or products used in geophysical exploration or research, and must have an active interest in supporting the objectives of the Society. The services and products provided must be demonstrably based on accepted principles of the physical sciences. Corporate members receive one print copy of each journal.

If you have questions about applying for membership or have questions about a current application, contact the Membership Department at the SEG Business Office, (918) 497-5581 or