Active Membership classification

Active SEG members are entitled to these rights and privileges:

  • be elected as officers
  • vote in elections
  • petition the Council or Executive Committee
  • sponsor applicants for membership
  • publish affiliation with the Society

Special Active Membership Status:
SEG further recognizes active members who provide distinguished service and dedication to the society and the science of geophysics during their tenure in the following ways:

Honorary Membership

conferred upon persons who, in the unanimous opinion of the Committee on Honors and Awards and the Board of Directors, have made a distinguished contribution, which warrants exceptional recognition, to exploration geophysics or a related field or to the advancement of the profession of exploration geophysics through service to the Society

Life Membership

conferred upon persons who have voluntarily rendered exceptionally meritorious service to the Society that, in the unanimous opinion of the Board of Directors, warrants recognition

Emeritus Membership

conferred upon an active member in good standing upon reaching 65 years of age, provided the member has been an Active or Associate Member for a total of 30 years, including time spent in military service. The Board of Directors shall have the authority to waive the age and years of membership requirements for transfer to Emeritus Membership in case of an unusual circumstance

Honorary, Life and Emeritus members shall enjoy all privileges of the Society. They shall be eligible to hold office, to vote on all matters submitted to the membership, to petition the Council or Executive Committee on any matter, to sponsor applicants for membership, and to publish their affiliation with the Society.

Active Member application

If you meet the eligibility requirements, SEG invites you to apply for membership. We recommend that you gather a few materials before you start the application process. This will help speed up the process and ensure a successful completion of your application:

Please choose the option which works best for you.
Online form - Fill out and submit an application directly from our website.


Printable form
- Open and then print this PDF file. Please print or type to complete the application and either fax to the SEG Membership department at 1-918-497-5565 or mail to:

Society of Exploration Geophysicists
P.O. Box 801501
Kansas City, MO 64180-1501