SEG Surveys

SEG periodically conducts surveys of its members in order to ascertain how well it is serving them and how it can serve them better. Reports on the results of these surveys are provided below.

SEG Membership Compensation Survey 2011 (366 KB PDF)

In early September 2011, select SEG members received the 2011 Membership Compensation Survey sent by the University of Oklahoma Public Opinion Learning Laboratory (OU POLL) (Norman, Oklahoma). The purpose of the study was to track trends in compensation for society members. This was a follow-up to the baseline study conducted in 2006 and the subsequent survey in 2008.

Names and e-mail addresses were provided by SEG solely for the purposes of this study. OU POLL did not keep this information after the completion of this study, and personal information was not given.

Participation was voluntary, individual responses were kept confidential, and members were free to refuse to answer any question or withdraw at any time. There were no foreseeable risks or benefits associated with this study and there was no compensation for participation. Overall findings from all participants may have been published or reported in some form, but individual responses were not reported.

Please contact Amy Goodin (, Director of the OU POLL by e-mail or phone at +1.405.325.7655 with any questions regarding content of the survey. For questions regarding research participant rights, call the University of Oklahoma Norman campus Institutional Review Board at +1.405.325.8110.

Exploring Product Values Among SEG Members (2.13 MB PDF)

This survey, conducted in late 2000, explores the value various groups of members place on the various products and services offered by the Society. Three groups were sampled—a randomly selected group of 2,500 SEG members, the SEG Executive Committee, and a group of 50 "VIP" members.

The survey sought to:

  • Gather information regarding member attitudes toward specific service offerings.
  • Identify and quantify opinions regarding the membership's perceived importance of specific services to the industry at large, the perceived importance to the membership, and the desired funding level.
  • Explore member attitudes toward increased membership dues to fund program creation or expansion, if required.

Exploring Communication Preferences Among SEG Members (2.50 MB PDF)

This survey, conducted in the fall of 1999, primarily examines member preferences regarding print versus online delivery of SEG serial publications.

Exploring Member Satisfaction Among SEG Members (900 KB PDF)

This survey, completed in February 1999, measures member attitudes about the service they receive from SEG.