SEG Council approves calendar-year membership renewal

The SEG Council approved the amendment at its meeting and recommends it for adoption by the SEG Active Membership.


The following proposed amendment to SEG Bylaws Article III, Section 4.b. was published in the September 2012 issue of The Leading Edge. The SEG Council approved the amendment at its meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada on 4 November 2012 and recommends it for adoption by the SEG Active Membership.

The proposed amendment, which would start membership in the Society on the first day of the month after an application is processed and establish annual renewals on a calendar-year basis, will become effective immediately if approved by a vote of Active Members.

SEG membership always has been kept by calendar year, yet a change to anniversary-date renewals was specified in the Bylaws revision proposed in 2010, in part because this was consistent with a new SEG membership system. When the 2010 Bylaws proposal was defeated, the membership system was modified to accommodate calendar-year renewals, yet the revised Bylaws approved by the Council and membership vote in 2011 were not adjusted to agree with this system set­up. The currently proposed amendment would enable SEG to avoid a major systems change while continuing to follow sound and standard renewal procedures. Keeping member­ship counts by calendar year is common among associations.

In the following, additions to the Bylaws are shown in bold, underlined type and deletions by strikethrough.

It is moved that SEG Bylaws Article III, Section 4.b. be modified as follows:

“b. MEMBERSHIP: Membership shall begin the first day of the month following the processing of the application and payment of dues and shall be designated for that calendar year unless accepted on or after 1 October, in which case membership shall begin in the follow­ing calendar year extend for 12 months from that date. Annual dues of renewing members shall be payable in advance and shall be considered in arrears if not paid by 1 January of the calendar year due on the anniversary date of membership activation. Members with dues in ar­rears shall lose all benefits and privileges of membership until such arrears are met, and no Member in arrears on 1 June shall have voting privileges that year.”

The vote will open for SEG Active Members on 3 December 2012 and will close on 31 January 2013. Additional information will be provided on the SEG Web site as it becomes available.