Only you can best communicate to your colleagues what SEG does for you, your science, and your career.

Recruiting tips

Additional recruit a member information is available here:

You are the greatest testimony to the benefit of SEG membership! We hope that you will find the tips below useful in encouraging a colleague, staff, or associate to become a member; and to take advantage of the many opportunities available through the Society to enhance their careers.

Familiarize yourself with the value of being an SEG member

  • Take some time to review the recruiter kit–a valuable set of tools to assist you.
  • Familiarize yourself with the benefits of SEG membership, such as:
    • SEG members receive discounts on SEG publications (an average of 35% off the list price), meetings, and professional development courses.
    • The SEG Digital Library is available to members twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The prospect

  • We find that many members were interested in joining SEG, however they just hadn't been asked. With this in mind, here's your opening question: "Would you be interested in learning how to enhance your career?"
  • Have your membership materials on hand when you meet with your colleague or peer–they have a better chance of joining if it's easy and on the spot.
  • Give your prospect a personal touch–visit their office or go out for lunch.
  • Place a call to your potential new member; it lends a personal touch to the recruitment process.
  • Write a personal letter or email to your co-worker or friend.
  • Visit, call, write, and email (or a mix of the bunch) for best results!

Information to share with potential members

  • Tell them about the SEG Web site and the convenience of accessing the products and services offered online.
  • Talk about how SEG has enhanced your own technical knowledge and has helped in the advancement of your career.
  • Forward a copy of the SEG Extra monthly eNewsletter.
  • Point out the benefits of interacting and building a network with SEG members.
  • Introduce them to the wide range of products and services SEG offers.
  • Give them a tour of the SEG online journals, which includes Geophysics technical papers (1936 through the current issue) and TLE, along with the Expanded Abstracts (1982 to the present).

Follow up with prospective members and see if they've mailed in their applications or joined online.

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Need to contact us? SEG Member Services is available to answer your questions. Contact us by email, by phone at +1.918.497.5581, or by fax +1.918.497.5565.