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The SEG Distinguished Instructor Short Course (DISC) is an eight-hour, one-day short course on a topic of current and wide-spread interest. The SEG DISC is presented at over 25 locations each year around the world.

2015 DISC

Engineering Seismology
with Applications to Geotechnical Engineering

Öz Yilmaz

The near-surface is the subject of all three branches of seismology --- earthquake seismology, exploration seismology, and engineering seismology. The difference is not just a matter of scale, but also the nature of seismic wave propagation.

The narrow scope of engineering seismology includes its applications to geotechnical site investigations, and seismic microzonation to determine soil amplification and liquefaction susceptibility within a municipal area to estimate the earthquake risk. The broad scope of engineering seismology also includes its application to groundwater exploration, coal and mineral exploration, geothermal exploration, and investigations of historical buildings and archaeological sites. This course is devoted to application of the seismic method to delineate the near-surface geology primarily for geotechnical remediation of the soil column for civil engineering structures. Nevertheless, the course also includes case studies for the broader scope of engineering seismology.

Who should attend?

Geophysicists, geotechnical engineers, earthquake engineers, and engineering geologists.

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 Oz Yilmaz

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Oz Yilmaz


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