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The Mission of the SEG Continuing Education Program is to provide educational resources to our global membership and to others interested in Geophysics through courses and lectures taught by recognized experts. We stimulate professional interest in theoretical and applied Geophysics, direct career development, and expand technical horizons by:

  • Providing training in basic, intermediate and advanced levels
  • Providing advanced curriculum topics in geophysical techniques
  • Increasing networking opportunities and interaction between participants and experts
  • Supporting accepted practices

Teach for SEGThe SEG Continuing Education Committee reviews and approves courses, discusses topics of interest to develop courses, and provides input to the SEG Board on the education of the membership.

Individuals are invited to submit their proposals to the Committee. If you are interested in teaching for SEG, please send the SEG New Course Proposal form with brief course description and biography to SEG Continuing Education. Instructors receive an instructor fee per course instruction day and reimbursement of travel, hotel accommodation and meals.
SEG offers a wide selection of two-day courses taught by experts in the industry. Courses are offered at Education Events and at the SEG International Annual Exhibition. Any course that is offered in the typical brick and mortar setting is also a candidate to be offered in an  eLearning delivery mode. At present, SEG is developing a number of course offerings for SEG membership. This includes virtual courses, short courses (3-4 hours in length), lectures, and a series of short courses.

Guidelines for Submitting Course Proposals to SEG

SEG has a variety of course programs for both public, eLearning and in-house offerings. When submitting a proposal, please be sure to let us know in which of these programs you would like to participate .

Training Courses

Training courses are courses that are either one or two days in length. They are primarily lecture content, but can also include some class exercises to illustrate various course topics or processes.


In-House Training

Instructors can concentrate on topics, data, or areas of specialist interest to employees, making the information immediately applicable. Many of the courses are structured so that companies may select the length of the course from two to five days.

SEG on Demand

  • Teaching a Virtual Course (a webinar delivered online on a specific date and time)
  • Serving as the SME (Subject Matter Expert) to develop a single or multi-lesson eLearning course (an interactive online course that students can take anytime)
  • Recording a lecture (typically 45 minutes to 1 hour in duration)

Proposals should be submitted to the SEG Continuing Education Department. 

SEG Continuing Education Department

Mallory Trumbore
Professional Development Advisor
P.O. Box 70240
Tulsa, OK  74170-2740
Fax: 918-497.5557
Email: mtrumbore@seg.org