SEG Professional Development

SEG lecturers travel the globe each year to keep members
current on the latest in the geosciences.

With the help of industry sponsors and affiliated societies, SEG selects industry experts each year to travel the globe offering lectures on the hottest geophysical topics. Lecturers typically speak for 45 minutes to one hour and offer a variety of locations and dates.

distinguished lecturers

Distinguished Lecturers

2-3 lecturers touring each year

honorary lecturers

Honorary Lecturers

Up to 6 lecturers each year in specific regions



Recordings of past lectures from SEG On Demand


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Bevc tour underway

The Fall DL will travel to Brazil, Argentina, North America, Italy, France, the UK, Mexico and Colombia.

2015 Honorary Lecturers travel the world

HLs visit Europe, Pacific South, South & East AsiaCentral and South America, North America, and the Middle East and Africa.

Near Surface HL Hansredi Maurer

Lecturing on Near Surface topics July-December.

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This global tour can be found in the Courses section.

Distinguished Lecturers

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Honorary Lecturers

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