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    The anatomy of Lame' constants and their role from lab scale to log scale to seismic scale

    The anatomy of Lame' constants and their role from lab scale to log scale to seismic scale

    Zakir Hossain

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System requirements

With currently over 30,000 members, SEG is constantly growing. Over two-thirds of these members live outside of the United States, and many have limited access to classroom education. With that in mind, high quality online education must be made available to SEG members no matter where in the world they live and work — especially when their work most requires up-to-date geophysical knowledge.

Since 2011, SEG has answered that challenge by offering an average of six live online short courses with student-instructor communication every year. Students are able to participate directly in live courses, or can catch up on missed courses by viewing course recordings at any time.

How it works

The typical SEG virtual course offers a variety of features enabling you to customize your online learning experience (see below). The actual configuration may vary depending on the course.

how virtual courses work

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(The Role of Surface Seismic in Mapping Shale Reservoirs by Dr. Kurt Marfurt)

Teach a Virtual Course

The interest in SEG Virtual Courses continues to grow and we are searching for new presenters and new topics!
  • Present from the convenience of your home or work computer
  • Standard virtual course duration is 90 minutes
  • Slide presentation should be approximately 45-90 slides
  • Topic must be relevant to SEG
Virtual Course instructors share their experiences...

My virtual course experience was very rewarding. The format requires careful planning, but the support from SEG is first class, so I think I learned more than my course participants!
  — Andrew Long

I had a very positive and fun experience doing a virtual course presentation for SEG. My presentation was carefully reviewed and the comments received during the dry run were excellent.
  — William Harbert

I have enjoyed giving both virtual courses. Both courses motivated me to create simple and clear presentations that I still use today. I also got great feedback in dry runs, during the course as well as after the course.
   — Leo Eisner

To submit a virtual course proposal, or for more information, please contact the contact the SEG On Demand Department at ondemand@seg.org or 918.497.5502.