SEG Student Newsletter 
Spring 2005

Greetings from the SS/AL Chairperson

Greetings and welcome to this quarter’s issue of the Anomaly. I know this is an exciting time of year when some of you are graduating and moving on to new and exciting careers. Congratulations!More>

NEW! MySEG an Online Student Forum
Students can post threads in the student forum. There are currently threads discussing Geomagnetics, IP Logging, and Petrology. You can even form your own topic about anything student members might find interesting.login to MySEG
OpendTect – Student Competition

dGB Group, the developers of OpendTect, are organizing a plugin development competition that is open to all students. More >

GEM Advanced Magnetometers
2nd Student Essay Awards Contest in Magnetics sponsored by GEM Systems - deadline October 7, 2005... More >


The gist of it...

I have been asked, How do we strengthen our student section,” “How do we get students to participate,” “How do we get speakers”... More >

Summer Undergraduate Opportunities
Providing interns with the opportunity to:
conduct exciting research with state of the art geophysical data and leading researchers at IRIS institutions
develop an understanding of scientific inquiry, including designing and...
More >
Event Calendar




2005 Member-Get-A-Member
Campaign Recognition

The following list of Student Sections have earned SEG Publication Dollars by participating in the campaign.
More >

SAGE, the Summer of Applied Geophysical Experience, is a unique educational program designed to introduce students in geophysics and related fields to "hands on" geophysical exploration and research. The program emphasizes both teaching of field methods and research related to a variety of basic and applied problems. Visit the SAGE Web Site for more information.

NEW! Online instructions on how to upload a video. Make sure if you have uploaded a resume that you check back to see if a company has posted an open position. Visit VSE >

Did You Know...Member Benefit

The SEG Digital Library provides a single access point for a complete archive of all technical articles published in GEOPHYSICS, THE LEADING EDGE, and the SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts. Robert E. Sheriff's Encyclopedic Dictionary of Applied Geophysics, 4th Edition, completes this online collection of high-value resources.
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