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Vol 1, No 4October 2003

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SEG International Exposition and Seventy-Third Annual Meeting

Dallas, Texas
October 26-31, 2003

SEG/Dallas 2003 is fast approaching. Advanced Registration is closed, and the number of advance registrants is higher than it has been in several years.

In addition to the outstanding Technical Program, make plans to attend the TLE, International Showcase, and IAGC forums; the Honors and Awards program; the Presidential Address; luncheons too numerous to mention; the Global Theater; the Wednesday night entertainment: a trip around the world; the Spouse Program; Continuing Education courses; the Distinguished Instructor Short Course; Workshops; special events at the SEG Book Mart, and much more.

To better serve our members, the on-site registration form is available for download. You may bring the completed form with you to any on-site registration booth for processing. On-site registration will open at 1 p.m. Friday, October 24 in Lobby A-B of the Dallas Convention Center.

Thank you for your support of SEG. See you in Dallas.

International Showcase Global Theatre
With the theme of this year's convention being "Geophysics—An International Language," please plan on spending some time at the International Showcase! Our participants will be giving presentations on their technologies and countries in our Global Theatre. A schedule will be included in your delegate bag. In addition, stop by at the end of each day for music and entertainment provided by our delegates. Participate in drawings, and pick up your free copy of the first International Showcase poster!

International Showcase Global Forum
Mark your calendars for SEG's Global Forum at SEG/Dallas 2003! In conjunction with the International Showcase and Global Theatre, the Global Forum is presenting a panel discussion on "The Business of Doing Business in a Global Market" from 9:30-11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, October 28, 2003. SEG President Mike Bahorich will welcome the participants, including Shell's Yoram Shoham, BP's Richard Seaborne, Mariangela Capello of PetroUCV and the incoming chair of SEG's Global Affairs Committee, Brian Russell of Hampson-Russell/Veritas DGC, Richard Degner of Global Geophysical Services, CGG's Guillaume Cambois, China National Petroleum's Wenrong Xu, and Val Mirosh, who brings to the SEG audience his experience as an international oil and gas lawyer and business executive. All participants have extensive experience in worldwide geophysical oil and gas activities. SEG is proud and excited that they have agreed to participate.

TLE Forum IV
If you plan to attend the SEG/Dallas 2003, don't forget TLE Forum IV: The Future of the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry on October 27, 2003. A panel of six senior oil-industry executives and analysts will be moderated by one of the world's most knowledgeable journalists about the industry. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to peer into the future of oil and gas exploration and development. Admission is free for fully paid SEG delegates. A $35 Icebreaker & Forum ticket will be available for the general public. Please visit the following link for more information.

Distinguished Instructor Short Course
"Geostatistics for Seismic Data Integration in Earth Models," the Distinguished Instructor Short Course by Olivier Dubrule, is garnering rave reviews. You can experience this course on Friday, October 24. Please note that this is the correct date, which has been misreported in some other materials.

Continuing Education
SEG will offer 11 courses on Saturday and Sunday, October 25 and 26 at this year's Annual Meeting. Courses cover a wide array of topics from the fundamental to the advanced. All courses have both minimum and maximum enrollments, and some of them are filling up.

Geoscience Center
Stop by the Geoscience Center booth (no.3341) to view a rare film made during the early days of oil exploration in Oklahoma. Put together and narrated by George Krumme from an old silent movie, it shows the opening of the Cushing field. The Geoscience Center booth also will display pieces from the newly acquired Ivy Iverson Gravity Meter Collection. Also, see displays showing what SEG is doing to help educate teachers and young scientists.


Pay Your 2004 Dues Online
SEG members should watch for their 2004 Dues Invoices to arrive in the mail soon. Renewing is easy when you pay your dues online at the link below. If you have any questions concerning your dues invoice, please contact

As an SEG member, you will receive outstanding benefits for you and your employer.


Online Publications Emphasized in 2004 SEG Member Benefits
Beginning in January 2004, SEG Member publications benefits will include the following:

  • All Members will receive access to current and past issues of Geophysics and The Leading Edge online (Geophysics, 1936-present; TLE, 1982-present).
  • Although Geophysics in print no longer will be a benefit covered by dues, all Members except Global Members will be eligible to obtain subscriptions to Geophysics in print for US$25.
  • Early in 2005, all Members receiving TLE in print will receive a CD-ROM that includes 2004 issues of Geophysics, preserving members' ability to build a personal archive of the journal.
  • All Members eligible to receive TLE in print will continue to enjoy that benefit.

These benefits changes are consistent with SEG's growing investment in online journal initiatives and Members' demand for online services. While maintaining a commitment to disseminating geophysical theory and applications in print, SEG is fully embracing the advantages to scholarship afforded by electronic publication.

To become more familiar with the online versions of SEG's journals, please visit:

Some features of the online journal archives:

  • search engines for each journal and the ability to search all journals hosted or indexed on the American Institute of Physics platform, including journals of the American Geophysical Union and many leading journals in physics, acoustics, and engineering
  • links from references in Geophysics articles to the source papers of other journals (including Geophysical Prospecting) participating in CrossRef and other linking initiatives
  • links to articles citing the article being viewed
  • the ability to build article collections and share them with other subscribers
  • e-mail notification each time issues of TLE and Geophysics are published online

Once you receive your 2004 dues statement this fall, remember to make the appropriate designation and include payment if you wish to receive Geophysics in print. If you have questions about 2004 SEG Member publications benefits, please contact SEG at (918) 497-5554 or

Many SEG Book Prices Lowered
New prices on many SEG books take effect on October 1. Prices of many publications have been reduced. Visit the SEG Online Book Mart for details of all products and to download the new SEG Book Mart Price List. Browse descriptions and prices for several soon-to-be-released SEG publications that will be available at the SEG/Dallas 2003 Annual Meeting. Also, be sure to visit the SEG Book Mart at the Annual Meeting to take advantage of further discounts on an unprecedented number of titles.