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Vol 2, No 1February 2004

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SEG Executive Committee

So far this year, members of the SEG Executive Committee have visited with 11 of SEG's more than 160 member sections, student sections, and associated societies. As more sections and societies are visited, SEG will continue to keep a running count on the Web page listed below. Check back often to see where the Executive Committee turns up next!

If a member of the SEG Executive Committee has been to visit your section or society and hasn't been added to the list, please send an e-mail to Judy Paull at and we'll update the list right away.


Limited-Time Geophysics in Print Offer
SEG fulfills back issues of its journals for members who are late to renew only through single-copy sales via the SEG Book Mart (US$50 per issue). It is too late to get on the regular mailing list for the January-February 2004 issue of Geophysics. If you intended to continue your print subscription to Geophysics but forgot to indicate this on the 2004 dues renewal form and pay the additional US$25, a special low price of $10 has been established for the January-February issue if you subscribe to Geophysics through the SEG Membership Department by March 19, 2004. If you have purchased a member subscription to Geophysics by that date and want to receive the January-February issue, please place your order for the January-February issue through or call (918) 497-5546.

New Features of Online Journals Platform
Online versions of Geophysics and The Leading Edge have several new features. SEG's journals were part of the American Institute of Physics' January 29 launch of Scitation, previously called the Online Journal Publishing Service. There is a new Scitation Toolbox and several other service enhancements.

Scitation Toolbox

  • MyProfile enables users to display and update their profile information (first name, last name, and affiliation), and change their password.
  • MyArticles makes it possible for users to create lists of links to selected articles of interest. Users may choose and add articles from any HTML table of contents or abstract page, or from a search results page. Selected article titles are then added to a list or "collection" that includes links to the abstract and full-text articles, and may be shared with other colleagues.
  • MyPublications permits users to create a list of their favorite publications on Scitation, with links to the journal entry pages, current tables of contents, and browse and search functions.
  • MySubscriptions allows users to view all of the publications on Scitation for which they have access through either a personal or institutional subscription.

Service enhancement

  • A link (Search this Issue) will be added to the HTML-formatted tables of contents to enable users to implement a search on the current issue they are viewing.
  • Author names appearing in the HTML-formatted tables of contents, abstract pages, search results, MyArticles lists, see-also reference lists, and citing articles reference lists will be hyperlinked to a list of other articles published by that author which are available through Scitation.
  • A pull-down menu will be added to the HTML-formatted tables of contents, abstract pages, and search results that will allow users to add multiple articles to their MyArticles lists and to download the citation information for selected articles to their citation manager software. Citation manager formats supported initially will include EndNote, BibTeX/RevTeX, and plain text; RefMan, ProCite, and Medline formats will be added in the second quarter of 2004.

New URLs and new look
Geophysics and TLE on the AIP platform have new URLs:

The previous URLs will redirect the user to the correct URLs for at least one year, but it would be wise to recreate any bookmarks you have to the SEG journal entry pages. Also, the entry page for the platform ( has been redesigned and reorganized.

In 2004, the benefits of all SEG members include online access to the current issues and archives of Geophysics and TLE. A current e-mail address in SEG's records is a requirement for enrollment. If SEG does not have your current e-mail address, you can provide it through the Membership Information Update Form. Once your e-mail address is up to date and your dues renewal or membership application has been processed, you will receive an e-mail from Scitation with instructions on how to activate your online access.

What's in the Next The Leading Edge
The February issue of TLE will have a section that recaps the 2003 Annual Meeting in Dallas. This will include printed versions of the talks made by the high-level panel at the TLE Forum (which had an estimated attendance of 1100). The March issue of TLE will have a special section on Russia and the Former Soviet Union and some news about innovations by the Global Affairs Committee (now the committee representing the largest geographic portion of SEG's membership).

Annual Meeting 2004

Abstract Kits Available
The time has arrived to begin preparing your new techniques, research findings, and case histories for the opportunity to present them at this year's Annual Meeting to be held in Denver, Colorado. Abstract kits are available online at the link below, or hard copies may be requested from the SEG Business Office. Expanded Abstracts Submitted Electronically (EASE) is scheduled to open on Monday, March 1, 2004. The deadline to submit abstracts is Monday, April 5, 2004. Don't pass up the opportunity to participate in one of the most anticipated meetings in the industry.

The SEG International Exposition and 74th Annual Meeting will take place
October 10-15, 2004, in Denver, Colorado. For more information, please
visit the following link.

Continuing Education

SEG Education Week
Register for two courses and receive a discount! See the SEG Continuing Education Web site for course and registration information.

Related Link: SEG Continuing Education

New Orleans

February 10-11, 2004

  • 3D Seismic Attributes for Prospect Identification and Reservoir Characterization by Kurt Marfurt
  • Petroleum Geology for Geophysicists and Engineers by Norm Hyne

February 12-13, 2004

  • Seismic Anisotropy: Basic Theory and Applications in Exploration and Reservoir Characterization by Ilya Tsvankin and Vladimir Grechka
  • Planning and Executing a Marine 3D Survey by Malcolm Lansley and Phil Fontana


May 11-12, 2004

  • AVO: Seismic Lithology by Fred Hilterman and Mike Graul
  • The Role of Geophysics in Risk Assessment by William Brumbaugh and Laura Kay Ethetton
  • Understanding the Nature of Seismic Data by Don Macpherson

May 13-14, 2004

  • Seismic Imaging of Subsurface Geology by Mike Schoenberger
  • Velocity as an Interpretation Tool by Melvan D. Carte

2004 Spring Distinguished Lecture
Earth Model Complexity and Risk Description in Resource Exploration and Development by William L. Abriel. The schedule is posted on the Distinguished Lecture Program Web page.

2004 Development and Production Forum
"Informed Reservoir Management Leading to Increased Recovery Factors
May 16-21, Galveston, Texas

2004 SEG/EAGE Summer Research Workshop
"Characterization of Fractured Reservoirs
August 1-6, Vancouver, British Columbia


SEG Membership Exceeds 20,000!
As of February 2, 2004, SEG has 20,422 members, an all-time high.

Members by membership category: Active, 8289; Associate, 7940; Student, 2745; Global, 1448.

2004 Membership Campaign
October 1, 2003 - September 30, 2004

Support your professional society by participating in the 2004 Membership Campaign. This membership campaign is open to all SEG members in good standing for 2004. New this year: The campaign offers prizes for all membership categories. Visit the campaign Web site below for complete details or to download an application you can pass along.

SEG members can win a prize for referring eligible colleagues and friends online! Provide us with a list of colleagues and friends you think would benefit from an SEG membership and we will do the rest. Follow the link below. You could win a prize just for participating!

Global Affairs

The Global Affairs Committee will hold its mid-year meeting on February 10 and 11 in Houston, Texas. The meeting will be held in the BP office complex located at 501 Westlake Park Boulevard. All committee members and SEG members with global interests are welcome to attend. For further information on the agenda and/or to RSVP, please contact Pamela Terekhova at