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Professional Development

Distinguished Lecture Series

Panos Kelamis kicks off the SEG 75th Anniversary Distinguished Lecturer tour in September. His talk, titled "A Pragmatic View of Land Multiple Attenuation Technology," presents a series of practical strategies that target the attenuation of surface and internal multiples in a land environment.

The SEG/AAPG Joint Fall 2005 Distinguished Lecturer, Rebecca Latimer, will speak on "Uses, Abuses, and Examples of Seismic-Derived Acoustic Impedance Data: What Does the Interpreter Need to Know?" Her presentation will demonstrate the necessity for inversion and explain its contribution to an interpretation workflow. Details for this joint lecture can be found on the American Association of Petroleum Geophysicists Web site at the link below.

Related Link: AAPG

Distinguished Instructor Short Course

After a short summer break, Rodney Calvert resumes the 2005 SEG/EAGE Distinguished Instructor Short Course, titled "Insights and Methods for 4D Reservoir Monitoring and Characterization," with a tour through Asia. Please visit the site below for a complete abstract, biography, and schedule. Registration is available through the local (host) societies. The 2005 DISC book is available for purchase by SEG members and members of the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers.

Continuing Education

Two sections will sponsor SEG Continuing Education courses this fall. The Denver Geophysical Society hosts four courses on 27–30 September 2005. The Geophysical Society of Tulsa will host a course on 13–14 October 2005. A list of courses is available on the SEG Professional Development Web site. Registration is available through the hosting societies.

Registration is open for all Continuing Education courses at SEG/Houston 2005. The complete list of courses, along with detailed descriptions, is posted on the SEG Professional Development Web site. Register online or contact Candice Chinsethagid, professional development specialist, by e-mail or phone at 918-497-5526.

The course schedule for 2006, including annual meeting courses, will be available by the beginning of September. Individual course schedules will be posted on the SEG Professional Development Web site as soon as they are confirmed.

Annual Meeting 2005

Advance Registration

Online Advance Registration for the SEG International Exhibition and 75th Annual Meeting is open! Visit the following link to begin.

Technical Program

Contributions from all geophysical disciplines and from all parts of the world are represented in the Technical Program scheduled for Houston, created from more than 800 expanded abstracts received for review.

The Technical Program will begin at 1:30 p.m. Monday, 6 November, following the TLE Forum scheduled earlier the same day. Papers wil lbe presented in 11 rooms consecutively through noon Thursday, 9 November. Convention Workshops will begin immediately afterward in the Technical Session area.

Abstracts from the SEG/Houston 2005 Technical Program are available online at the following link.

Honors and Awards Ceremony

This year's Honor and Awards Ceremony & Presidential Address is scheduled for 4 p.m. Sunday, November 6, at the George R. Brown Convention Center, just before the Icebreaker. Please join in congratulating those who contribute significantly to the field of geophysics.

SEG 75th Anniversary Celebration

In a celebration for the senses, SEG invites all to experience a reception that spans 75 years of success and history. The event will be filled with entertainment and music throughout the evening. History will be brought to life through guest appearances of some of our favorite characters from the past. The evening will feature a full orchestra to dazzle and entertain the masses.

The event will take place Wednesday, 9 November at the Hilton Americas Hotel. Tickets may be purchased at the Event Ticket Counter in registration.g

Spouse Program

Members of the SEG/Houston 2005 Spouse Committee invite you to join them in a variety of activities following the theme of Denims 'n' Diamonds. There is a taste of everything in this year's program. Seminars include gardening like a pro, how to use a digital camera, a book exchange, and much more.

Golf Tournament

Reserve your spot today for the 2005 SEG Pre-Convention Golf Tournament hosted at Wildcat Golf Club. The tournament will be a Four-man Texas-Style Scramble and will begin at 9 a.m., Saturday, 5 November. Tournament fees include green fees, cart, breakfast, lunch, and various prizes and awards presented at the luncheon. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, so be sure to secure your spot right away.

GAC Luncheons and Global Forum

For those interested in global affairs and networking with colleagues from around the world, plan your schedule to attend one or more of the Global Affairs Committee's events at the George R. Brown Convention Center. This year, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of SEG, the GAC events will feature entertainment and short historic presentations from around the world.

Featured Luncheon Speaker

Rejane "Johnnie" Burton, director of the Minerals Management Service, U.S. Department of the Interior, will speak on a timely topic related to the state of the world energy situation. Burton has a varied background in education, digital information systems, oil and gas exploration, legislative service, and government management.

The luncheon will take place 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, 8 November in the George R. Brown Convention Center.

Reserve Hotel Rooms Online

By utilizing the "official" providers of transportation or housing services, you enable the Society's collective bargaining power to be strengthened, allowing SEG to negotiate even better transportation and room rates for future meetings. Complimentary services (i.e., airplane tickets and hotel accommodations) earned by the Society are based upon overall group participation in the officially provided services. These savings are used to offset the cost of SEG travel expenses, which, in effect, lowers costs to produce the Annual Meeting.

Development and Production Forum Luncheon

Michael Lynch, president and director of Global Petroleum Service, Strategic Energy & Economic Research Inc. (SEER). will be the featured speaker for this luncheon. Lynch has more than 20 years of experience analyzing international energy, particularly oil and gas markets. This luncheon will take place Wednesday, 9 November 2005 at the George R. Brown Convention Center.

Judicious Editing: Yours' and Others'

Ken Mahrer, author of the Writer's Block columns in The Leading Edge, will give this editing course for editors and writers of technical papers at SEG/Houston 2005. The course is scheduled for 8-11:30 a.m. Sunday, 6 November at the Hilton Americas Hotel in Houston. There is no fee; however, those who plan to attend are asked to notify Merrily Sanzalone by 9 October 2005 so that appropriate room arrangements can be made. Editors and authors of technical papers in SEG journals are encouraged to attend.

Everything Else You Need to Know

For more information about this year's Annual Meeting, visit the SEG/Houston Web site or download the Annual Meeting Announcement PDF from the links below.


SEG Membership Customer Service

We can help! The newly organized Customer Service department is here to assist all members with:

  • Missing SEG journals (The Leading Edge or Geophysics)
  • Address changes
  • Assistance with paying your dues online
  • New 75th Anniversary membership card if you have paid your dues and have not received one
  • Any question concerning your membership benefits


Trimming Geophysics' review cycle

Since Geophysics' online peer review system was activated three years ago, time from manuscript submission to the completion of the first review cycle has been trimmed by more than 40%. This year, SEG has trimmed time from paper acceptance to publication by adopting a workflow in which each article is published online as production on it is completed.

Geophysical Software and Algorithms

Got software? Geophysics introduces a "Geophysical Software and Algorithms" section as a forum for contributions that mix science and source code. A paper in that category will appear in Geophysics, and the code will be archived on the SEG Web site. Both must pass peer review, just like any other Geophysics submission. Think you're a good coder? Demonstrate your pride in your code by contributing it to the new section.

The first such paper is by Joe Dellinger, associate editor of this new classification. His paper, "Computing the Optimal TI Approximation of a General Elastic Tensor," will be published in the September-October issue of Geophysics.

Tracing the history of GAG

In two articles published in the July-August issue of Geophysics to mark the 75th anniversary of SEG, Enders Robinson and Sven Trietel revisit the early development of digital signal processing (DSP) in the Geophysical Analysis Group (GAG) at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In "The MIT Geophysical Analysis Group (GAG) from Inception to 1954," Robinson describes the history of GAG, which originated in 1950 and was supported by oil and geophysical companies. In "The MIT Geophysical Analysis Group (GAG): 1954 and Beyond," Treitel describes how GAG laid the groundwork for geophysical signal processing.

Annual Meeting Selections

The July-August issue of Geophysics includes the first two papers in the new "Annual Meeting Selections" category. "Theory of True-amplitude One-way Wave Equations and True-amplitude Common-shot Migration," by Yu Zhang, Guanquan Zhang, and Norman Bleistein, develops a true-amplitude implementation of modified one-way wave equations that gives leading-order WKBJ equations for accurate calculation of amplitudes and traveltimes. The true-amplitude wave equations lead to a true-amplitude common-shot wave-equation migration (WEM) algorithm for heterogeneous media.

The second selection, "Field Test of a Permanent In-well Fiber-optic Seismic System," by Brian E. Hornby, F. X. (Tad) Bostick III, Brock A. Williams, Kristen A. Lewis, and Paul G. Garossino, discusses a field trial to examine a fiber-optic-based system for a permanent in-well seismic acquisition system. The field trial focuses on comparison of fiber-optic data to reference wireline VSP data and on comparison of two procedures for coupling the sensors to the formation.

Geophysics Letters

"Fermat's Interferometric Principle for Target-oriented Traveltime Tomography," by Gerard T. Schuster, is the first paper published in the new Geophysics Letters classification. In this July-August Geophysics paper, Schuster describes how an interferometric form of Fermat's principle allows for high-resolution estimation of the velocity distribution between deep interfaces. This principle promises to enhance the resolution of whole-earth and exploration tomograms, especially those obtained from 4D seismic data. Geophysics Letters are published within eight months of submission.

The Leading Edge

The August issue of TLE will contain a special section on the Middle East and the September issue will have a special section on the Caspian Sea. The October issue will preview the upcoming Annual Meeting which will feature several events commemorating SEG's 75th anniversary. A special publication on SEG's history, with invited articles from a variety of experts, will be mailed with the October TLE.

International Meetings

4th Congress of the Balkan Geophysical Society, "Geophysics without Frontiers

In addition to the traditional topics in Geophysical Prospecting and Earth's Physics, emphasis is devoted to the newer but equally important Environmental Geophysics issues. More than 200 extended abstracts of papers have been received relating to dozens of diverse disciplines.

One of the keynote speakers will be Dr. Ozdogan (Oz) Yilmaz, chief technology officer of Anatolian Geophysical.

A half-day workshop will be dedicated to the most challenging issues of the oil and gas industry in Romania, organized by the Bucharest Geoscience Forum.

Pre-registration deadline is 31 August 2005. For information on exhibition space, please contact Steve Emery.

This meeting is jointly sponsored by RSG, EAGE, SEG, EGU, AGU, and IUGG. It will take place 9-12 October 2005 in Bucharest, Romania.


Is there a gap in your job search plan? Bridge the gap at the AAPG/SEG Student Expo, 6-8 October 2005 at the Westin Galleria in Houston, Texas.

For more details visit the following link.



SEG Meetings

SEG Publications

International Conferences

11-14 September 2005
Salvador, Brazil

13-16 September 2005
Cape Town, South Africa

15-19 November 2005
Mar del Plata, Argentina

9-11 January 2006
Kolkata, India

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