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SEG Annual Meeting

Advance Registration

This year's Steering Committee recognizes that a large contingent of SEG members and other Annual Meeting delegates live along the Gulf of Mexico coast and that many have been greatly affected by the recent hurricanes. The Committee has decided to extend advance registration until 5 p.m. central standard time, 10 October 2005.

Exhibit Space Sold Out!
Exhibit space for the Annual Meeting is SOLD OUT! To view this year's floor plan and to organize your time on the exhibits visit this link.

Fun Run/Walk
8 a.m. Sunday, 6 November
Cleveland Park (at the intersection of Jackson Hill St. and Memorial Drive)

Come join us for some healthy outdoor activity! The SEG 75th Annual Meeting Fun Run/Walk starts bright and early at Houston's Cleveland Park. The run is 7 kilometers and the walk is 5 kilometers. There is no fee; everyone is welcome. Pre-register at the link below and receive a free T-shirt!

There will be plenty of parking available at the race start, or you can take advantage of a shuttle which will leave the Hilton Americas Hotel at 7:30 a.m.

Wednesday Night Celebration
7 p.m. Wednesday, 9 November 2005
Hilton Americas Hotel

SEG invites everyone to experience a reception that spans 75 years of success and history. It will be a celebration for the senses, with entertainment and music throughout the evening. History will be brought to life through guest appearances by some of our favorite characters from the past.

The evening will feature a full orchestra to dazzle and entertain the masses.

To register see Section D on the registration form. Tickets may be purchased at the Event Ticket Counter in the Registration area.

International Meetings

Geophysics without Frontiers

4th Congress of the Balkan Geophysical Society
9-12 October 2005
Bucharest, Romania

In addition to the traditional topics in geophysical prospecting and earth's physics, emphasis is devoted to the newer but equally important issues in environmental geophysics. More than 200 extended abstracts have been received on a variety of topics. Visit the Web site below for the paper-by-paper listing.

One of the keynote speak-ers will be Özdogan (Oz) Yilmaz, chief technology officer at Anatolian Geophysical. A half-day workshop organized by the Bucharest Geoscience Forum will be dedicated to the most challenging issues of the oil and gas industry in Romania. SEG Distinguished Lecturer Panos Kelamis will present "A Pragmatic View of Land Multiple Attenuation Technology" on 10 October.

International Petroleum Technical Conference

sponsored by AAPG/EAGE/SEG/SPE
21-23 November
Doha, Qatar

IPTC combines the strengths of four industry societies while bringing together the perspectives of multiple disciplines including petroleum engineering, geology, and geophysics. With a commitment to excellence, IPTC promises to provide an arena for technical knowledge exchange through a strong program including 250+ technical presentations and seven panel sessions addressing issues associated with global oil and gas strategies, supply and demand, exploration, reserves, and research and development.

Find more information on the technical program, the schedule of events and registration at the following link.

Professional Development

Distinguished Lecture Series

Greg Partyka's spring Distinguished Lecture tour on "Spectral Decomposition" is now available online. His release of information on new developments "Spectral Inversion," "StratCube™" and "FlowCube™" is causing much excitement. These technologies are proprietary to BP and have never before been presented in public. They enable a set of fast iterative approaches to geologic model building and flow simulation. SEG thanks BP for releasing this information and CSEG for their help in recording the lecture while Partyka was presenting in Calgary.

Panos Kelamis kicked off the SEG 75th Anniversary Distinguished Lecturer tour in September. His talk, titled "A pragmatic view of land multiple attenuation technology," presents a series of practical strategies that target the attenuation of surface and internal multiples in a land environment. Kelamis uses a plethora of land data sets, many from the world's largest oil fields in Saudi Arabia. His tour includes an equal number of global and North American sites.

The SEG/AAPG Joint Fall 2005 Distinguished Lecturer, Rebecca Latimer, will speak on "Uses, abuses, and examples of seismic-derived acoustic impedance data: What does the interpreter need to know?" Her presentation will demonstrate the necessity for inversion and explain its contribution to an interpretation workflow. She shows how scale differences can affect the results, show how the interpreter analyzes the rock properties and uses these with inverted data, shows how to spot pitfalls in the overuse of impedance data, and examines both the strengths and drawbacks of using inversion as compared with the original rock data. Her tour is organized by AAPG; details can be found on the AAPG Web site.

Distinguished Instructor Short Course

Rodney Calvert continues the 2005 SEG/EAGE Distinguished Instructor Short Course, titled "Insights and Methods for 4D Reservoir Monitoring and Characterization," with a tour primarily through Europe in October. After a visit to the SEG Annual Meeting in November, he concludes in the Middle East. Calvert calls upon his many years of 3D and 4D experience to present a state-of-the-art class on time-lapse seismic techniques and their application to integrated studies of petroleum reservoirs. Please visit the site below for a complete abstract, biography, and schedule; registration is available through the local (host) societies. The 2005 DISC book is now available for purchase by SEG and EAGE members.

Related Link: SEG/EAGE DISC 2005

Kurt Marfurt will present the 2006 DISC titled "Seismic Attribute Mapping of Structure and Stratigraphy." His schedule should be available by November, and will be posted to the SEG Professional Development Web site as soon as it is confirmed.

Continuing Education

Registration continues for all Continuing Education courses at the SEG 75th Annual Meeting in Houston. The complete list of courses, along with detailed descriptions, is posted on the SEG Professional Development Web site. Register online, or contact Candice Chinsethagid, Professional Development Specialist, by e-mail or phone at 918-497-5526.

Courses are set for Education Weeks in Houston (February 2006) and Calgary (May 2006); the Education Week scheduled for New Orleans has been moved to Lafayette, LA (April 2006). Individual course schedules will be posted on the SEG Professional Development Web site as soon as they are confirmed.


The Leading Edge

The October issue of TLE will preview the upcoming Annual Meeting, the climax of SEG's 75th Anniversary activities. Accompanying this issue in the mail will be a special publication, SEG@75: Imaging the Past, Present, and Future, that explores many aspects of SEG and of applied geophysics during the past 75 years and speculates on what SEG and geophysics will look like in 2030, when SEG turns 100.

The November issue of TLE will feature a special section on Latin America and the usual assortment of regular TLE features. The December issue has been billed as having a special section on "Rocks under stress." However, this quickly was discovered to a hot topic in the geophysical community. Many papers were submitted and, therefore, these articles will likely occupy essentially the entire issue.



SEG Meetings

Professional Development

October 13 - 14, 2005
Tulsa, OK

November 4, 2005
SEG 75th Annual Meeting
Houston, TX

November 5, 2005
SEG 75th Annual Meeting
Houston, TX

November 5 - 6, 2005
SEG 75th Annual Meeting
Houston, TX

November 20, 2005
IPTC Conference
Doha, Qatar

SEG Publications


15-19 November 2005
Mar del Plata, Argentina

15-18 October 2006
St. Petersburg, Russia

9-11 January, 2006
Science City, Kolkata, India

24-26 July 2006
Bali, Indonesia