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2007 Honors and Awards Nominations

One of SEG's great traditions is the special recognition of individuals and organizations for their contributions to geophysics and to the Society. The 2006-2007 Honors and Awards Committee would like to solicit your nominations for deserving recipients to be honored at the 2007 Annual Meeting. Detailed descriptions of SEG's awards are listed at the following link.

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SEG's 77th Annual Meeting will be held 23-28 September 2007. In order to guarantee that all deserving individuals and organizations receive consideration for appropriate recognition, the Honors and Awards Committee must receive nominations by 4 January 2007 to allow for appropriate investigation, deliberation, and recommendations to the Executive Committee. 

Please send your nominations to:

SEG Honors and Awards Committee
c/o Mandi Duckworth
P. O. Box 702740
Tulsa, OK 74170-2740

Nominations also may be faxed to +1.918.497-5560 or emailed to

Please include a brief summary describing the specific achievement or contribution that you think merits formal recognition by SEG. Supporting information and letters of recommendation are very useful to the committee.

Your timely input is vital to this important function of the SEG. If you have any questions, please send them to the email address given above.

SEG Meetings

2007 SEG Summer Research Workshop
Seismic Noise: Origins, Prevention, Mitigation, Utilization
13-18 May 2007
Antalya, Turkey

Abstract submission deadline: 31 January 2007

This conference will explore noise in all seismic environments, including land, marine, transition zone, and downhole, and will consider its origins, prevention, mitigation, and utilization.

For more information, visit the Summer Research Workshop home page or email

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Annual Meeting 2007 Call for Papers
In 2007, SEG will return to San Antonio for its 77th Annual Meeting. Don't miss this opportunity to present your latest technology, research result, or case history at this major assembly of geoscientists from throughout the world.

Abstract kits will be available online after 13 December 2006.  Hardcopies can be requested from the SEG Business Office.

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Deadline for abstracts submission is 11 April 2007 at 5 p.m. US central standard time.

You also may mail abstracts to:

Bob Hardage
Technical Program Chairman
PO Box 702740
Tulsa, OK 74170-2740

or send them by e-mail at

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Transferring to Active Membership
Active membership requires three references for application or transfer to Active member status. Finding references has just gotten easier. At least one reference must come from an Active member of SEG with the remaining references coming from:

Active members of SEG,

Active or equivalent members of SEG Allied and Cooperating societies,

Current and/or past geoscience employers, or

Authorship of a technical publication in a journal sponsored by SEG or one of its Allied and Cooperating societies (maximum one reference credit).

Allied Societies include the Association of Exploration Geoscientists, India (AEG), Egyptian Geophysical Society (EGS), Environmental & Engineering Geophysical Society (EEGS), European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers (EAGE), and the Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists (SIPES).

Cooperating Societies include the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), American Geological Institute (AGI), American Petroleum Institute (API), and the International Association of Geophysical Contractors (IAGC).

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Member-Get-a-Member 2007
Be a part of our growth! Refer a colleague today and win valuable prizes. For more information, visit our membership campaign site below.

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Upcoming in The Leading Edge
The December issue of The Leading Edge will include a special section on geohazards and pore pressure. The special section in the January issue will visit the hot topic of low-frequency seismic.

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Reflections in the Field wins award
The feature-length documentary Reflections in the Field: Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the SEG has been honored as the Outstanding Electronic Publication for 2005–2006 by the Association of Earth Science Editors.

Reflections in the Field chronicles the evolution of applied geophysics from its early days in the fields of Europe and the United States to its technologically diverse worldwide practice today. This documentary also tells the story of how SEG has fostered geophysical theory, application, education, and professionalism for more than 75 years. Interviews with some of the world's leading geophysicists and industry observers serve as cornerstones in this record of astounding accomplishment.

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Scholarship applications
The SEG Scholarship Committee is accepting applications for the 2007-2008 academic year. This program is open to undergraduate and graduate students who are pursuing degrees in applied geophysics and other closely related fields. Applications are available at the following link.

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All applications must be supported by official transcripts and a minimum of two letters of recommendation from faculty members who are familiar with the applicant's academic work. Applications will be accepted through 1 February 2007.

For more information about the SEG Scholarship Program, please contact

Professional Development

Regional Lecturer
The SEG Executive Committee recently approved a new Regional Lecturer program. Lecturers are being selected for two regions: Africa and Middle East, and South and East Asia. Lectures are expected to start early in 2007.  Please visit the SEG Professional Development site for a description of the program and a schedule, when available.

Continuing Education
SEG's last Education Week in North Houston was a success and will be repeated in November 2007. Courses have been selected and registration is open for Education Weeks in West Houston (February), New Orleans (April), and Calgary (May).  The calendar has been updated to make it easier to find individual course offerings.  Please visit the SEG Professional Development site for a list of available courses, course descriptions, and to register.

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Distinguished Lecturer Series
Bill Fahmy continues to give the SEG/AAPG Joint Fall 2006 Distinguished Lecture.  By the end of January he will have given 24 presentations of his talk "DHI/AVO Best Practices Methodology and Applications." View his complete itinerary at the following link.

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Len Srnka, the Spring 2007 SEG Distinguished Lecturer, will begin his tour in early February.  His talk, titled "Illuminating Reservoirs with Electromagnetics," presents the emerging technology of controlled-source electromagnetics (CSEM), with an overview of theory and case studies.  An abstract of his talk and his itinerary are available on the SEG Professional Development Web site.

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Distinguished Instructor Short Course
The 2007 SEG/EAGE DISC will be taught by Biondo Biondi. His topic, "Concepts and Applications in 3D Seismic Imaging," should be of interest to all geoscientists. His course book is in production and his tour is scheduled to start in March 2007. Please visit the DISC page below for a description of his course. His schedule will be posted when available.

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Kurt Marfurt's course was recorded at the SEG Annual Meeting on 29 September 2006 and is expected to be available in the Book Mart by the end of the first quarter of 2007. Leon Thomsen's 2002 SEG/EAGE DISC presentation is in the final stages of production and also should be available in the first quarter of 2007.

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