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SEG Elections

The following Active Members have been selected by the SEG Committee on Nominations as candidates for the 2007–2008 Executive Committee.

Klaas Koster and Larry Lines

First vice president
Eugenio Loinger and Ivan de Araújo Simões-Filho

Second vice president
Arthur Cheng and Louise Pellerin

Vice president
Guillaume Cambois and Sergio Chávez-Pérez

Dan A. Ebrom and Michael Deal

Kees Wapenaar

Fred Aminzadeh, SEG's current president-elect, will serve as president beginning September 2007.

In addition to the Executive Committee election, six districts are holding elections for representatives. Districts 1, 2, 4, and 12 have one seat to fill. District 3 has three seats to fill and District 7 has two seats to fill.

District 1
Michael J. Faust

District 2
Biondo L. Biondi

District 3
Jan Douma, Galen E. Treadgold, and Richard J. Zinno

District 4
Maarten V. de Hoop

District 7
Etienne Robein and Serge A. Shapiro

District 12
Karen K. Romine

Nominations in writing, signed by at least 40 Active Members and accompanied by the written consent of the candidate and a brief biography, ready for publication, may be submitted prior to 15 May 2007. More information on the nominees and the election will appear in upcoming issues of The Leading Edge and on the SEG Web site.

Ballots will be sent to each member eligible to vote in the election between 1 June and 15 June. SEG is asking all members to update their member information, especially mailing address, e-mail, and SEG Section or Associated Society affiliation. A primary Section or Associated Society must be designated if you have multiple affiliations. You may update this information by logging into MySEG, sending an e-mail to, or by calling the SEG Business Office at +1.918.497.5500.

Research: SEAM

The SEG Advanced Modeling Project (SEAM) commenced on 1 March 2007. SEAM is an industry consortium dedicated to leading-edge geophysical numerical modeling.

Additional participants are welcome.

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Annual Meeting Travel Grants

Application deadline: 1 May 2007

The SEG Annual Meeting is the Society's largest technical gathering and the world's biggest geophysical exhibition. It is also the largest gathering of the global geophysical community.

Students have the opportunity to learn leading edge geophysical knowledge, meet potential and prospective employers, visit with individuals who are living the excitement of their chosen profession, and catch a glimpse of all the industry has to offer. Annual Meeting Travel Grants are available to help students defray the cost of travel, accommodations, meals, and incidental expenses. Required applicant eligibility, detailed information about the Annual Meeting Travel Grants program, and application forms may be found at the Foundation Web site. The deadline for submitting an application is 1 May 2007.

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Annual Meeting 2007
Technical Program Online

Abstract deadline: 5 p.m. CDT, 11 April 2007

Time is running out! The Technical Program Online is open for abstract submissions and seeks input in all related disciplines. To avoid any delay in the process, the Technical Program Committee recommends that interested applicants read the SEG/San Antonio 2007 Abstract Kit (available at the link below) for the most current information on submitting your abstracts. The San Antonio conference is expected to be a major assembly of international geoscientists, so do not miss this opportunity to present your latest technology, research result, or case history.

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SEG/San Antonio 2007
International Showcase

Application deadline: 29 May 2007

This year's International Showcase, "Latin America—Beyond Borders," has opened exhibition space and grant application for eligible exhibitors. For more information and to apply, visit the following link.

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2007 SEG Summer Research Workshop
Seismic Noise: Origins, Prevention, Mitigation, Utilization
13-18 May 2007
Antalya, Turkey

Advance registration deadline: 10 April 2007

This conference will explore noise in all seismic environments, including land, marine, transition zone, and downhole, and will consider its origins, prevention, mitigation and utilization.

The advance registration fee is US$580 and includes meeting materials, registration fee, Sunday evening reception, coffee breaks Monday through Thursday, lunch Monday through Thursday, and dinner Wednesday evening. Please register by 5 p.m. CST on 10 April 2007 to receive the advance registration rate. Late registration fees begin after 5 p.m. CST on 10 April and is set at US$680. Fees do not include transportation. Guest meal tickets will be available for purchase prior to the meeting.

For more information, visit the Summer Research Workshop home page or email

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Development & Production Workshop
Heavy Oils: Reservoir Characterization and Production Monitoring
29 July-2 August 2007
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

Application Deadline: 4 May 2007

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Joint SEG/AAPG/SPE Workshop
Data Fusion
14-18 October 2007
Vancouver, British Columbia

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SBGf 10th International Congress

The 10th International Congress of the Brazilian Geophysical Society, the largest geoscience event held in Latin America, will be held 19–22 November 2007 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In addition to the technical sessions, a special showcase of the latest exploration and development techniques and tools will take place in the EXPOGEF 2007 by manufacturing and service companies from all over the world.

For booth reservation, please visit the Web site below.

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The March-April issue of Geophysics contains a special section comprised of 10 papers on marine controlled-source electromagnetic methods (Marine CSEM). Section editors Mike Tompkins and Len Srnka expect these methods to have more widespread use in the future and hope this special section will facilitate further research and development on the topic.

The Leading Edge

The March issue of TLE also contains a special section on CSEM, one of the hottest topics in exploration geophysics in recent years. The April issue will have a special section on wide-azimuth seismic acquisition and a preview of presentations at the Offshore Technology Conference 30 April–3 May in Houston.

Professional Development

Regional Lecturer

The new Regional Lecturer program has launched with talks in India and China by Steve Chang. Chang has been speaking on borehole geophysics in the South and East Asia region. Shiv Dasgupta will begin his tour of Africa and the Middle East later this year. Both talks are scheduled for presentation at the SEG Annual Meeting in San Antonio. Lecture abstracts and schedules are posted on the SEG Professional Development site as soon as they are available.

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Continuing Education

There are still spaces available for SEG's Education Week in Calgary scheduled for 8-11 May 2007. Registration is available at the SEG Professional Development Web site. Ten courses are planned for the SEG 77th Annual Meeting in San Antonio 22-23 September 2007. Although registration is not yet open, course descriptions have been posted.

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Distinguished Lecture Series

The Spring 2007 SEG Distinguished Lecturer tour is well under way. Len Srnka's talk, titled "Illuminating Reservoirs with Electromagnetics," presents the emerging technology known as controlled-source electromagnetics (CSEM), with an overview of theory and additional case studies. An abstract of his talk and his itinerary are available on the SEG Professional Development Web site.

Bill Fahmy, SEG/AAPG Joint 2006 Distinguished Lecturer, finished his tour with presentations in Canada in March. His lecture has been recorded and is posted in the Distinguished Lecturer Library.

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Distinguished Instructor Short Course

Biondo Biondi has started the 2007 SEG/EAGE Distinguished Instructor Short Course. His topic, "Concepts and Applications in 3D Seismic Imaging," should be of interest to all geoscientists. His course will be presented at the SEG Annual Meeting in San Antonio on 21 September 2007. Please visit the SEG Professional Development site for a description of his course and schedule.

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