December 2007
Vol 5, Issue 6

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SEG Education Week is fast approaching
Register now for SEG Education Week, which will be held on 11-12 and 13-14 February 2008 in Houston (USA). Four courses are available, each with a separate registration page: AVO: Seismic Lithology; Seismic Fluid Detection, Reservoir Delineation, and Recovery; A Practical Understanding of Pre- and Post-Stack Migration; and Magnetotellurics for Natural Resources.

Don Steeples' gives Distinguished Lecturer talk
You will not want to miss Distinguished Lecturer SteeplesDon Steeples' talk "Some stupid shallow seismic experiments I have done." Steeples' next three presentations will take place at the Near Surface Geophysics Section of SEG in Orlando, Fla. (6 December), the Southwest Louisiana Geophysical Society  in Lafayette, La. (11 December), and the Geophysical Society of Tulsa in Tulsa, Okla. (13 December).
Nominate a colleague for an award
The SEG Honors and Awards Committee requests nominations for deserving recipients to be honored at the 2008 Annual Meeting.
Foundation offers scholarship opportunities
Applications are being accepted through 1 February 2008 for scholarships in applied geophysics or closely related fields.
SEAM deadline will be here soon
Phase I of the
SEG Advanced Modeling Corporation has 16 participants already dedicated to leading-edge geophysical numerical modeling; join this industry consortium before 31 December 2007 to avoid a late entry fee.
Apply to join SEG/Chevron Student
Leadership Symposium

SLS 2007Apply to join us in Las Vegas in November 2008. The
SEG/Chevron Student Leadership Symposium (SLS) offers travel grants to students who are currently active officers of an SEG Student Section.

SEG/ExxonMobil Student
Education Program opens

The SEG/ExxonMobil Student Education Program is a two-day course on the subject of multi-interdisciplinary subsurface integration for exploration and production.

Read the Anomaly student newsletter

Students, keep up with your quarterly dose of SEG-related news and announcements by reading the SEG student newsletter, the Anomaly.

Spring Expo job fair a success
EXPO at University of Oklahoma is an energetic, lively annual job fair bringing students and energy-related companies together.
RSS feeds for TLE and Geophysics

Get RSS feeds for TLE or GEOPHYSICS
SEG's Digital Library now offers RSS feeds for articles in both TLE and GEOPHYSICS.

GEOPHYSICS seeks Best Paper nominations
SEG Editor Kees Wapenaar encourages members to review TLEpapers published in 2007 and e-mail
GEOPHYSICS Best Paper nominations by 14 March 2008.

TLE's special section topic is AVO with 11 special section articles.
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SEG Education Week is fast approaching
Nominate a colleague for an award
Foundation offers scholarship opportunities
SEAM deadline will be here soon
Apply to join SEG/Chevron Student Leadership Symposium
Get RSS feeds for TLE and Geophysics
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Meetings bulletMeetings

14-16 January 2008
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

4-8 February 2008
Cartagena, Colombia
CAPGG International Congress of Conventional and Unconventional Hydrocarbon Resources

7-8 February
Houston, Texas
NAPE® Expo 2008

CE bulletProfessional development

11-14 February 2008
West Houston, Texas
Education Week WEST Houston
AVO: Seismic Lithology
Seismic Fluid Detection, Reservoir Delineation and Recovery
A Practical Understanding of Pre- and Post-Stack Migration
Magnetotellurics for Natural Resources

Pubs bulletSEG publications

3D Seismic Imaging by B. Biondi

Seismic Attribute Mapping for Prospect Identification and Reservoir Characterization by S. Chopra and K. J. Marfurt

Seismic True-Amplitude Imaging by J. Schleicher, M. Tygel, and P. Hubral

Classics of Elastic Wave Theory edited by M. A. Pelissier, H. Hoeber, N. van de Coevering and I. F. Jones