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March 2008
Vol 6, Issue 3
Technical Program Expanded Abstract
submission is open
2008 Annual MeetingTechnical Program Online is open for submission of Expanded Abstracts for the 2008 International Exposition and 78th Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada. The deadline for abstract submissions is 5 P.M. CDT 9 April.
SRW 08 - VancouverSubmit your abstract today!
The Summer Research Workshop "Unconventional Resources: What do we know and what is the road ahead?," 7-11 September in Vancouver, BC, it will cover the subsurface technologies related to unconventional resources. Deadline for submissions (PDF) is 23 April.

DP Forum 2008
You don't want to miss this
year's 2008 D&P Forum

The 2008 Development & Production Forum,
"The Roles of Scaling & Uncertainty in Reservoir Characterization, will be held 27-31 July in Austin, Texas. All paper submissions (PDF) must be received by 26 March.

SAGE deadline approaches for students
The Summer of Applied Geophysical Experience is a unique educational program designed to introduce students in geophysics and related fields to hands-on geophysical exploration and research. The program emphasizes both teaching of field methods and research related to a variety of basic and applied problems. To apply, visit the SAGE Web site.

Do you live outside Europe or North America?
The SEG/ExxonMobil Student Education Program (SEP) offers travel grants to graduate students who are pursuing a degree in the geosciences. Now accepting applications for the 2009 SEP!
Education Week will be held in Calgary
Sandman HotelFour courses are scheduled for Education Week 6-9 May in Calgary, AB, Canada. Courses scheduled 6-7 May are Borehole Geophysics: Theory and Practice" by Ronald C. Hinds and Richard D. Kuzmiski and Migration without Math" by J. Bee Bednar. Courses on 8-9 May are Petroleum Systems of Deepwater Settings" by Paul Weimer and Near-Surface Seismology" by Greg Baker. Register by 1 April to avoid the US$35 late fee. For more information send us an e-mail or call +1.918.497.5526.
Distinguished Lecturer Tadeusz Ulrych visits Alaska, Europe, Canada and the Middle East Ulrych
"Dr. Ulrych is not only an excellent speaker, but he can present complex analytical concepts with delightful humor," said one attendee. Visit our Web page for  Ulrych's schedule.
SEG encourages use of multimedia files
for online publication

Authors may submit movie, sound and other types of essential multimedia files for publication online with their articles in G
EOPHYSICS and THE LEADING EDGE. See Instructions to Authors for more information.

March TLE includes special section articles and reflections on the 2007 Annual MeetingMarch TLE

The March issue of T
HE LEADING EDGE features 14 articles in the seismic attributes special section. The 2007 Annual Meeting photo review and President-elect Larry Lines' memories from the meeting also are included.
Nominees selected for 2008-2009 elections
A slate of nominees has been selected for the 2008-2009 Executive Committee. Read more about these individuals.

6-10 April
Saint Petersburg, Russia

EAGE/EAGO/SEG Saint Petersburg

7-10 April
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Applied Research Workshop, "Geophysical Challenges in Southeast Asia Exploration

15-18 April
Calgary, Canada
Calgary Mining Forum, "New Mines, Prospects and Advances
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